Awakening to the Soul

Awakening to the Soul

When we step into this world, we come with dreams and expectations designed in. Some of those dreams are the loves of the soul. Our most heartfelt wishes. Some of it is the shadow story. The disappointments and resistance of our deep past.

Most children start out experiencing just the first. What they really love. They want to look good, feel good, and have fun.

But as life experiences come along that activate the story, we begin shifting from what we love to a story of no’s and bad’s, should’s and can’ts. We take these messages personally and layer on a noisy story about them. Make everything good or bad. But only if they meet our story. This is why some kids react and take it personally, others simply move on. Depends on if it calls their story.

How we mask our loves varies widely. The love of looking good may become a vain, self absorbed mockery. The Narcissist. We may buy the story that wanting to look good is bad, putting us in internal conflict. Some men have a story that looking good is unmanly. Or we buy a message of not good enough or shame and play the opposite, looking bad intentionally – if sub-consciously. (careful now – this is about your story, not anyone else’s)

Food is another big one. Food brings us pleasure and helps us feel good. But only in balance. When we wear a mask, it becomes distorted. Food is bad and will prevent us from looking good. Food makes me feel good so more is better. We fall into conflict with what our body needs, feeding our cravings rather than our body.

We see all sorts of ads for diets, miracle foods, even drugs to fix us. Yet we already know what to do. We know that sugar and caffeine are addictive. We know that fresh, quality food in moderation is what we need. But we may have forgotten that it will make us feel good. Our ability to taste the life in food is lost when we mindlessly feed our face with “comfort food”. Rediscovering fresh is not unlike rediscovering what food tastes like when we quit smoking.

Here we are, an expression of the divine, capable of exceeding the range of experiences and states of consciousness that even the gods can fathom. We also have the gift of an opportunity for fast awakening that is beyond them. And what do we do? We fuss about our weight or job or relationship.

You can tell this judging mind – it is always a story about what’s wrong and how it’s too little or too much. And that is always just a story.

When we see our body as a miracle, as a vehicle of discovery and a temple of the divine it can really change our relationship with it. And I don’t mean another story here, another belief or affirmation. I mean experience it that way.

We live in a vast dream where we can have and be whatever we want. And we’re playing really small. Part of the awakening process is finding who we really are. The part after that is finding out why we’re here and what we really love.

That last part can have some amazing surprises. Things we thought of as me simply vanish from our lives one day. Long held should’s and must’s that drew us into a sense of obligation and burden – Gone. This is the process of unmasking the soul. And when the mask falls enough, long held no’s and can’ts fall too. This uncovers the light of the soul, the dream of our being and the purpose of our life.

What is revealed may surprise you. A number of times. Messages of ‘I have to’ become ‘who cares’. Messages of ‘I can’t’ become ‘that’s why I’m here’.

Many of these things may seem small, like writing or gardening, cooking or sports, singing or sex. But when we uncover our loves, we uncover our purpose and passion. We uncover the fun. In the little things, we find the richness within that we have so long sought ‘out there’.

It’s a very fine thing when a forkful of food, the smile of a friend, or a crisp clean shirt can bring us a wave of rapturous happiness. It’s not hard and never has been, really.

It’s not about the game you’re playing but how you play it.
Have fun. That’s why you’re here. Nothing else matters. Nope – nothing. 😉

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