Seeing Through it

Seeing Through it

On this blog, there are a number of posts about clearing, releasing or allowing. Many teachers talk about this as it’s a key aspect of preparing the ground for awakening. I’d like to take it a big step further.

The key is becoming aware of the dynamics at play in your life. I’ve found following the feelings the most potent but others talk about looking at your beliefs and other things. One way or another we need to learn how to let go.

For me, the key to switching from a mind mode of holding to a feeling mode of allowing was by culturing gratitude. This creates a greater openness and allowing for life’s experience and a more positive outlook. I began to allow my feelings more, then recognize them more. Other “positive” feelings can be used but may be harder to enliven. This is not about making a mood, it’s about beginning to really feel. Pretending doesn’t work for letting go. If you don’t feel, you don’t. If you can, you do.

I then found occasional moments of deeper openness when I was able to forgive, to release long held feelings. They simply washed over me briefly and were gone. Fully experienced, they were done, complete. A load was lifted. In the end, I found every relationship had some holding remaining, more of course for the big ones. All I had to do was allow the moment and in the process, I learned to allow all feelings that arose. Sometimes intense, but usually quite brief.

At the bottom I came to a place where I could begin to forgive even myself. Soon it was clear there was nothing to forgive.

How you will find a way to let go will be part of your own journey. But as I’ve said a number of times, follow the feelings. That’s what energizes our resistance. And underneath all that noise, in the fine feelings, is your soul.

We tend to reach certain plateaus where we see a clearing, then another layer of the onion comes to light. Another cycle of looking and feeling and release.

Recent discussions in comments and with a teacher illustrate another layer of this that’s worth mentioning for those further along.

At a certain point in our journey, we may begin to literally see our resistance. The metaphor of “seeing through” the illusion and holding becomes quite literal. I’m not sure if there are other sensory avenues to this, but it would not surprise me.

We can see and see through the illusion. But to the point here, we can see where there is a holding, we can see the crust, we can see the nodes and knots, we can see the light.

At first it may be a little foggy, like seeing across a smoky bar or foggy beach. But as we bring our attention there, the fog will begin to clear. This may be true of each new area we open to.

We are then able to use “surgical precision” to release resistance. We are also able to dissolve massive walls of holding with simple attention. Some emotions and triggers may arise through the process but far less than working through each holding one at a time.

Typically, it would be a major holding, surrounded by lesser crusting. The crust clears quite easily for the most part, although secondary things can come up. Memories may be triggered, even past lives. Just remember not to latch onto them, just experience and allow. Some of what comes up may even explain the roots of the resistance, if that’s important to you.

Releasing the big ones, the core of the “wall” is the more challenging point. But repeated attention will weaken it until it quite literally breaks apart.

On such an occasion, you can feel a massive release. Such letting go can be the precursors to very large openings, even lay the ground for further consciousness shifts. Some of the epic battle stories of old can be seen as a metaphor for this process.

As this advances, you’ll begin to see it’s not limited to your own energetic body but to the environment. It too holds stress. The stress we see released in community crisis like riots, wars, and natural disasters. Clearly see and release is much more efficient.

More deeply still, we come to a place where were clearing the “cosmic” body. The universal body we all are.

We can see from this that not only are we not alone but we’re in this together. We can also see that learning this process has a long term usefulness that can have profound consequences for the broader quality of life. The more that awaken and move down this road, the faster the shifts some talk about can happen.

Many of you may not relate to this, but for those that may be beginning to see, getting a sense of what’s happening can help. Doing the work can awaken some very potent tools that can really move things along. You may even be given literal spiritual tools. But be patient. Each stage must be processed and integrated. Everything in it’s time.

Soon, the day dawns. A day where the sun never sets.

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