On the journey, there are typically a series of openings that either follow or produce a falling away. The end of the old. Periodically, such falling away has a profound effect on one’s world view and life. Certainly, realizations are such changes, but also when core drivers are seen and end. I mentioned one such awhile back. The falling away of the need to know.

Other such shifts have continued. In the last couple of weeks, a new opening and falling away has been underway. I’ve touched on a few aspects of that in some posts. On the weekend at a writers workshop (it seems like years ago), another grip came to light. And it made conscious an even deeper one.

Curiously, this resistance was energizing the drive to journal and share via this blog. While much of the content has flowed from within, it has been expressed in relationship to a person. What it means to a me rather than a we. A subtle taint.

Around the beginning of the month I was in the middle of a large post (probably a series) on meditation – it’s core value, best approaches, understanding mantras, blah blah. Also an article on some new insights into ego and mind. But the interest simply ended.

As before, this will probably settle out and a new approach will arise. We’ll see what develops.

One small thing though. When we speak of being “In the head” we’re not actually talking about being in the mind. The mind is not centered in the head. What is is the dominant senses – hearing and sight. So when we say ‘in the head’, we mean absorbed in the experiences of our senses. Those experiences are then processed by mind in beliefs and memory. While senses are in the moment, our absorption in their labeling and interpretation brings it into the past.

Thank you for your patience with this journey.

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