Big Bang go Boom

Big Bang go Boom

Science has built a very curious artifice. They see the universe beginning in a Big Bang, a massive explosion out of nothing that created everything. The dust that was created gradually fell together, increasing gravity. Larger concentrations lit up into stars whose dust clouds were further drawn together into planets. And on this planet, by random fluke, life emerged and developed until it became self-aware. Oops – isn’t that breaking the laws of entropy?

What about the fact that the equations are massively unbalanced, requiring huge volumes of undetectable pretend “dark” matter. Or that the models of cosmology don’t work at the subatomic level or vice versa.

This whole model is based on an underlying assumption that the physical world is real and everything else is an effect. Including that self-awareness. It’s an accidental side effect of brain function. Your feelings, a way of perceiving chemical responses to stimulus.

In short, you are a machine, at the mercy of your genes. Your sense of person and feelings about the world are an interesting phenomena, a curiosity.

What this misses is that states of consciousness completely change this perspective. Certainly the examples of dream and sleep state suggest this but can be explained away. But what happens when your sense of person is contained by (smaller than) your sense of self? When you are awake internally, even in deep sleep? When with your attention, you can observe events at a distance? Or remember a verifiable past prior to even being in this body?

Clearly the model of consciousness as an effect of biology is lacking. Soon it becomes clear that it’s actually inside out. Biology is an effect of consciousness. However, it’s not a one way path. Biology is our vehicle for experiencing, offering feedback to consciousness. It can appear, as in Stroke of Insight, that a change in biology is the cause of changes in consciousness. We can also see plainer examples, like getting drunk. But this is due to effects of the biology on consciousness, not because consciousness itself is an effect.

What science has been doing is studying the effects, not that causal source of the mechanics of our life and our universe. This is why the gaping holes, like the actual experience of being human. However, from the perspective of science, being human is subjective so has to be left out of the equation, filtered out of the research. Who we are is rendered irrelevant.

But if consciousness is primal and the researcher is filtering it out, they are failing to account for their own assumptions. And thus the entire basis for objective thinking is built on illusion. It is founded in a state of consciousness they don’t understand and don’t allow for. But there are hints of it, like the well known double slit experiment where the attention of the scientist affected the results.

In actual fact, our universe does not originate in an explosion but rather an implosion. What might be called the cosmic infinity collapses in on itself to a point so that it can experience itself. This happens at every point within itself. You are one of those points. A vehicle for that which is without form to experience itself through form.

That collapse creates the process of experience, space and time, intelligent structure, fields, elements and matter. This has been documented in great detail for thousands of years, such as in Samkhya of Kapila. It can be experienced directly, without multi-billion dollar equipment.

It’s also not a collapse that happened in the distant past. Because the collapse creates time, it is outside of time. Thus it happens only in this moment, right now. In other words, the universe is created only now, instantaneously. The past and future are also only here, now.

This can be proved when you experience wakefulness in deep sleep. When the mind goes to sleep, the universe ceases to exist. You may also have noticed that occasionally when you wake in the morning, there is no you there for a moment. That program has not yet booted.

This may at first seem scary. But if the universe is being created at every moment by you, how is there a hazard? Instead, what is possible? What are the limits?

It comes down to this – do you want to have someone tell you who you are or do you want to see for yourself? The difference is night and day.

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  1. dejavouz

    A science that is submerged in self-created paradoxes and phantom particles that whisper in the cosmic wind, a force known as gravity that fits nothing at the fundamental level.

    Science is abstract maths and it began in earnest with Einstein, which is ironic, because money is derived from numbers and look what the financiers have done to the world economy.

  2. Davidya

    Hi Dejavouz
    Yes, they’ve built themselves a bit of a bottomless rabbit hole without realizing it.

    Modern science, the view of the mechanistic universe, probably began with Descartes and Newton. However, in some ways it was more the application of their thoughts than the thoughts themselves. The biggest example is probably Maxwell. Maxwell’s equations that dominate electromagnetic discussion are bastardizations of Maxwell. They “simplified” them by taking out ether, in essence. Now they’re using “dark matter” to put it back. (laughs)

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