Fire the Grid

Fire the Grid

Back in July of 2007, before I started this blog, a global event called Fire the Grid was set to have large numbers of people simultaneously putting their attention on peace or joy. The event was put together by 3 people with no money or advertising, spread by word of mouth. And it was inspired by a woman with 0 inclination to this, after she and her son had a near death experience and were rescued by “aliens” that she later came to call “light beings”. The circumstances made the Nova Scotia government Hansard and water rescue journals. Shelley Yates spoke at several venues here and I had a fascinating conversation with her. Many got behind her, including World Puja, Neale Donald Walsch and Marianne Williamson.

In one of the talks I heard she spoke of the three ways of happiness:
1) Random acts of kindness
2) Find your joy, bliss. Don’t judge it, just allow it and do it.
(example of Joe and beer watching the game – his joy)
3) fill your world with music that uplifts you. (angels speak in tones and music)

She spoke of 3 rules:
1) Do no harm – esp. you first. Liking is optional but love everyone.
2) Fill your world with honesty and integrity
3) Find your Joy, now. And when you find it, say Thank you.

“Accept everyone you meet as a piece of the divine.”

“A billion Indigo children are growing up and coming forward. They’ll be ready to vote in the US 2012 elections.”

Locally, hundreds showed up for the 4:11 am Pacific hour in several locations. We got the added advantage of dawn occurring during the hour, Nubaswan, when nature awakes. Others simply got up in bed for the hour. I oddly ended up in a remote field by a large forest, tending a fire all night. We were following a friends invitation that played out in rather unexpected ways. The site was hosted by a fellow expecting an alien visitation but the remote home had just been badly vandalized so could not be used. As his visitation was the same night as Fire the Grid, he thought there might be a connection. Another group of people were doing the Oneness blessing. So there was Fire the Grid people, Oneness people, and Alien people, none of us expecting the other. (laughs) We all got Deeksha, a talk on alien races, and on global harmony. It had been a long time since I’d been up all night, but the foray into nature was delightful and the meditation deep. The bears were crashing around in the forest all night, the coyotes calling, then gathering in song.

Millions around the world gathered in some way or another.

After the event, which registered on the Global Consciousness Project, Shelley simply dropped off the map. No followup or results were posted and nothing more was heard.

Just ran into an interview from about a year ago that discusses what happened for her. Clearly, she was drawn into an unexpected life and wanted to come back to earth and be with her family.

And now, the followup is approaching. July 28, 2009 @ 19:19 Brazilian time (-2 hrs GMT) she said would be when the earth would respond, from Corcovado Mountain, under the statue of Christ the Redeemer overlooking Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Curiously, I just heard part of a talk where they suggested South America was soon to be a light beacon. Another described the site as one of the earths chakras.

According to Calleman’s Mayan Calendar dates, May 11, 2009 is the time of Rebirth Celebration, the midpoint of the 6th day in the Galactic cycle. Fire the Grid followed the midpoint of the 5th day, the Breathrough, in a similar way.

I’ve found that such dates are sometimes just signposts of trends but sometimes are major shift points, so I’ve earned to make note of them. On occasion, I’ve been blasted by bliss.   😉

Even the timeless unfolding sometimes leaves its mark in time.

Update: on Fire the Grid II

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  2. Davidya

    Hi Ariel
    Just posted a second article on this.
    Yes, I’ve been astonished by some of the young people I’ve met in the last year. I know a couple of young men in their mid-20’s who are very awake. One is already helping others awaken. They’re moving much faster than my generation ever did.

  3. Sandy

    As an Indigo myself (confirmed by my aura reading,) I am very excited by the emergence of global consciousness I see in some of the younger people coming up now. The world is truly moving in a new direction, although there are many obstacles to its progression. I hope more & more people will join together, adding their energy to the collective, for the benefit of us all.

  4. Davidya

    Hi Sandy
    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been told I’m an Indigo as well but am the wrong generation. (laughs)

    What is more important now is the inner awakening going on. As that deepens, it begins to move out into the world. That’s when we’ll really see change start to happen in overtly positive ways.

    Those apparent obstacles will easily fall in the face of light. And it will bring people together in ways space and time cannot divide.

    That’s the real magic of what is happening. Not some superficial ideas but a deep restructuring of the foundations.

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