A Time for Vigilance

A Time for Vigilance

Lorne has recently been speaking of the importance during this time for people who are aware to be mindful of what they are giving their attention to. Awake or not, if we are able to observe or witness your thoughts, to be mindful of what you are thinking, then we should use that ability vigilantly.

This is not to say we should push against “negative” thoughts or feelings. Always allow what arises to be what it is. This is the essence of acceptance, and more deeply, surrender. What it means is to favour that which we know to be good. Don’t feed the drama and dark side with out attention.

Much of what is arising these days, both inside and in the world is about purification. Clearing the way. We want to just let that go, not reengage it.

This is not about blame either. It is what it is, we are human and have habits that will draw us back into it. It is only that when we see it, we choose wisely. And pay a little more attention to what we’re blessing with our mind.

Just innocently favour positivity: joy, bliss, devotion. Soon that will be the predominant experience.

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