Fire the Grid completes

Fire the Grid completes

Back in 2007, the first Fire the Grid (later numbered III) event took place. Shelley Yates toured the continent speaking about it. Millions of people around the world joined in a simultaneous meditation. I spoke about it here.

The second event was 2 years later in 2009. Shelley didn’t tour and it got much less attention. But lots of people were aware of the event, most participating more personally.  I wrote about it here.

Amongst the many 11:11:11 events yesterday was also the final Fire the Grid I. Again it was in the middle of the night here. Most of the focus was a core group in Montreal. Here is the message Shelley got during the meditation:

The time for sadness is gone. Be in joy now, find joy in every detail. Feel the strength in your Unity. Feel the power in your co-creation. Feel the Magnificence and splendor of your LIGHT. The field is set. The Light has won. Thank you dear ones. We love you. Love each other as we love you. Love without condition, without judgement and with all your heart.


So now We begin.

Samoiya Shelley Yates

Fire the Grid

I’d forgotten. Fire the Grid was not the end but the beginning, as Shelley implies in her closing. The next step is “Lutaria”.

Lutaria is a community of high frequency humans that are living  those simple principles.

1. Do no harm first and foremost to yourself, for until you love yourself you will never love another fully.

2. Do all that you do with honestly and integrity. It will deepen your relationships with each other and deepen the connection to the Source.

Finally 3. Seek out your human JOY live it fully then be in gratitude for the experience. It is with this gratitude that you will lift your personal frequency to its highest levels.

They’re working on a new web site per: Building Lutaria is a directive from the Beings to unite humanity globally.

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  1. warrior555

    Jai Guru Dev! The Age of Enlightenment is truly unfolding as it should. The Golden Age of Vedic civilization is rising on Earth. By the Grace of Guru Dev and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the age of suffering is behind us and the rise of consciousness is ushering in a Golden Age for the Universe.

  2. Davidya

    Jai Guru Dev.
    I’d more describe it as the golden age rising, as described by the Vedas. We are in different times (and climate) than the Vedic civilization but have much to learn from them. Much grace has indeed been brought to our times by illustrious representatives of Shankara’s tradition.
    Thanks for your wishes.

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