I love where I live in the world. I’ve lived on the US and Canadian prairies and in western Europe, but I’ve always come back here. They affectionately call the area Cascadia. It’s a temperate rain forest, so although often drizzly and overcast, it is lush and green. Nature abounds in a city full of large parks. One can go boating in the morning and skiing in the afternoon on the mountains that overlook the city to the north.

The natural harbour is protected from the open Pacific by a large island. Between it and the city, the Straight is dotted with “gulf” islands, an area recently described as one of the 5 most sattvic places in the world. The city itself is often at the top of “most livable” lists.

And one of the things I like best, we have long early springs. The bulbs are coming up now. We should have the first spring flowers in a few days.

Do you love where you are? Your place in the world?

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  1. Davidya

    Hi Holdon
    Welcome here – and to the world of blogging.
    The place is Vancouver, Canada. That was not the point of the post though, but that may have been too subtle. It was about loving where you are, something I’ve talked about in various ways recently.

    Yes- I had a brief conversation with David and checked out his site. TM? For me, the best thing I ever did. Still doing, after some 34+ years. Although who I am has changed, so that does affect the practice. No Transcendental (laughs)

    A meditation practice, not just TM, can bring stuff to the surface or make you conscious of stuff already there. The deep relaxation offers the chance for body, mind and heart to heal. Creates a space for it. They have a thing called “checking” you can do free with a teacher. Sometimes, a little extra like a residence course or retreat can help you move through something.

    That said, any given practice is not for everyone. The key is finding something that helps you connect to source/presence/peace on a routine basis. This helps culture the ground for Self.

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