Divine Surrender

Divine Surrender

If Awakening or Self Realization is not the goal, what is full enlightenment then? Lorne outlines the further development of God Realization and Unity in this series and Lucia touches on the nature of Surrender. If you are  a regular reader here, you’ll know I talk about the spiritual journey being of one of allowing or surrender. This is how it finds completion.

Lucia on Surrender  [not currently online]

Lorne on Divine Surrender

… brings to light the most refined aspects of Unity Consciousness where the universe and all creation is experienced as the flow of Infinity within itself perpetually surrendering deeply to itself.  [parts merged]

on YouTube

Their web site:

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  3. Davidya

    If your goal is awakening, I know of none better. Adyashanti was a great help in understanding the process but L&L were the catalyst.

    I can credit many other teachers with helping my journey but none are as accessible.

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  5. Carol


    this is wonderful lost the me to realization about two years ago now a its going deeper and the Self is folding into Self and this is the first time any one has ever said any thing remotely like what can not be expressed in words.

    It would be so wonderful to speak to Ones is there a phone number?

    Deep love and blessed joy


  6. Davidya

    Namaste, Carol.
    It’s such a beautiful thing. And it keeps going deeper and deeper, fuller and fuller. One of things i harp on sometimes is the importance of knowing Self realization is not the end of it. In some ways, it is the beginning. The deeper traditions of Vedanta and Zen speak of the layers of unfolding. It is wonderful when teachers are available to speak to this directly.

    Lorne and Lucia have a free weekly conference call you can listen in on. If you’d like a personal conversation, they also offer that. Details are on their web site.

    Love is all there is, moving in silence. 😉

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  8. Rob

    These are very useful videos. I now have a better understanding of some of the distinctions you make. I primarily went this alone so it can be a challenge groking others words and yet with them it all seems pretty clear.

  9. Davidya

    Hi Rob. Agreed, there is no standardization of terms used in the larger community. Nor even a standard baseline. And the blog format is limited in scope. But yes, Lorne and Lucia do a beautiful job of covering the key points. I’ve benefited greatly from them.

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