In a number of posts here, I have spoken of the cycles of growth. Typically I refer to balance, disintegration, growth, integration, and repeat.

In a talk recently, we discussed Teilhard de Chardin’s view of evolution. He spoke of 3 phases:
1 – divergence (diversity)
2 – convergence, consolidation
3 – emergence, a step to a higher level

The first can be seen as the stages of disintegration and growth. The second integration, and the third, the new balance. The ideas are similar, but it offers another perspective. One that encourages the conception of a spiral or rising growth pattern. This does not occur in a circle.

He describes what emerges as increasing levels of complexity that result in consciousness rising. (emergence) From my perspective, I would suggest it’s more that complexity (diversity) can reflect or reveal more of the underlying process. Consciousness does not arise from complexity, rather it drives diversity to reflect itself more fully. This error is a common modern concept, similar to the idea that consciousness arises from the increased complexity of the brain – that it’s a side effect of something physical. This completely misses it’s causative and inherent nature.

He suggested evolution works through stages: geosphere > biosphere > hominization (humans) > planetization > noosphere (collective mind) > Christogenesis (divinity)  > Omega point, the goal.

As he was a Jesuit priest, his works were published posthumously.

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