The Network

The Network

Natural networks, natures hidden blueprint – a new branch of science called Network Theory.

A documentary from Australia’s ABC TV explores the idea of 6 degrees of separation – that we know everyone in the world within 6 layers of the network. But it also explores the emerging science.

For example: the brain has no central organizer. Nor does the heart. Yet both work reliably in sync.
Scientists started with the problem of synchronicity. Gradually, they found that things naturally develop local clusters or partly closed networks. Key members of the cluster are networked to other clusters, creating sudden ‘small world’ effects. (technology aids this but is not directly discussed)

First example they found of a mapped network was a game – the Kevin Bacon trivia game. Which star knows which star knows Kevin Bacon. Other research revealed that high level clustering takes place through key links. Then they found that hubs or nodes are the key to the network. Diffusion is the study of mixing and network distribution.

The 1 hour documentary talks about how they captured Saddam Hussein, how they predicted the coming Internet hubs like Google and Amazon, and research into fields as vast as electrical grids, the spread of computer viruses, genetics, how disease spreads (Cancer, AIDS), the evolution of societies, brain structure, and so on.  (I did watch the documentary but cannot supply a link)

While they don’t cover this, it is also the way consciousness structures fields that result in mass.

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