On the Origin of Experience and Form, Part 4

On the Origin of Experience and Form, Part 4

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The vibration in its fundamental form is the well known “primordial sound”: Aum or Om. It is the liveliness of awareness expressed in movement and sound. A specific intention has specific qualities which are expressed in tones.

The vibration or sound elicits a form. Basic ones are geometric, like the Platonic solids or Buckminster Fuller’s all-space filling geometry. At this level there is a direct relationship between the name or sound and the form or expression. Languages like Sanskrit and some suggest Hebrew have a correspondence between the sound of the word, the form it expresses, and the meaning.

Another way to look at this is that any given sound has an inherent intention. This is the source of the bija or root mantras, key sounds with know effects. While this knowledge is largely unknown in the west, it is well known in many older fields of study such as the Vedas of today’s India.

good vibrations
Adapted from a photo by disgustipado

This geometry or subtle form causes field effects. The field values have a series of values or resolutions. The first is what we typically describe as causal or mind. Of course, there are several way we could divide what is a continuum.

So you have complex vibrations, forming and interacting with a structure, within resolutions of fields. At intersections, we find points of resistance, nodes or change in flow. This is where you get focus or vortex effects that cause localization. Field concentrations that give rise to measurable field effects and the precipitation of matter.

Thus form arises from multiple resolution values, complex vibrational interactions and several scales all interrelating concurrently, within awareness. The vibrational values shift moment by moment, causing expression to continue to change. As Physics reveals, the apparent solid world is really a flow of attention, self interacting. It is only our minds that process perception into apparent solidity, mainly to simplify what needs to be dealt with.

We could go very much more into this, exploring many facets. Is it necessary to know or understand this? Not at all.

It is only for us to remember that what we experience is not what it appears, that it arises in a single awareness of which we are a focus, and that it is arising so awareness can learn about itself.

I find it quite ironic that many people “trust only what they can see” and science focuses on what is measurable. This is a valid approach only if they understand who is experiencing. Without context, it remains fully relative.

Another point is that Physics, in its attempt to understand the origins of matter, continues to focus on finer and finer detail. Because awarenss creates at every point of attention, they are traveling down a bottomless rabbit hole. Each time they think they have found the smallest thing – particle, quark, superstring – they will continue to find something smaller. The key is not the object, it is in what is observing.

Hope you enjoyed this little exploration.

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  2. uzma

    Tell me if I am correct. Hence if we focus our attention to a point. Our single pointed awareness can create. Is that correct??
    Further not just Om , but also other divine words also will have a vibrational quality and hence effect in the world..

  3. Rikki Sachdeva

    very interesting article but the vibrations you mention are actually tiny pulses in time- these are generated from the smallest flick of an eyelash to the tinies breath of air on a tree leaf . Theses pulses are what dictate events and how they unfold they are advanced warning signs and should be noted when felt. I myself have experienced thses pulses on my jouurney to spiritual enlightebnment and can say they are the utmost sensation especially when you get a pulse on the tip of your tooth – yes its can travel even through the enamel and passes a direct message into the brain. Your article is almost how i would explain my experience as well except that you have failed to consider the role of mother nature – the force that surrounds us at all times. I have joined with her now and have seen what she can do, I also heloed her evolve to the next level by giving her the Key to evolution and she accepted it. She is now my queen now, God himself does not exist in a human form – he is the force that concurs between the planest and the stars – when the stars are twinkling at tnight they are not jjust flashing they are sending out pulses , these pulses as mentioned before can be interpreted with the right tools – thats why thhe movement and positioning of the stars is so importan in every day life they are the the pulses of god – the truth.

  4. Davidya

    Hi Uzma
    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, you are correct. But it’s important to understand the correct context. The technique of focus is not one of force, just attention. When the conscious awareness is absorbed by the mind, this attention is short and weak. We also tend to doubt and vacillate, dispersing what attention we did give. At the same time this is going on, our belief systems are creating our entire world. Our attention is already always creating. We simply see it incorrectly so try to control what is not arising from us.

    It is always in context of the whole. So the key words you used are we and our.

    When the awareness becomes rooted more deeply in source, then that same focus can be focusing the infinite. That has full power to create. But then we see it is not the individual creating.

    Our perception of who it is doing this changes over time as I’ve outlined in a more recent post, Who Do’s.

    The world is vibration, so all vibrations have an effect. Some more than others. And again, it depends on the depth and power of the vibration. I mentioned root mantras as another example. Om is the primordial sound so would tend to draw the attention to that value. But as a mantra, it is less suitable for householders as it draws one away from expression. There is a large science to the use of mantras or divine words. There is also the whole field of yagayas, prescribed performances that include specific word forms with known qualities, all designed for specific results. The removal of obstacles, improving health and such. There is even a couple of groups that have gathered large numbers together to perform special ones for world peace. As you might imagine, that requires a lot of attention.

    The key in all this is to go for the source. Connect to the silent observer within. That is the way to peace and happiness, the way to power, and also the way to avoid being trapped by chasing effects.

  5. Davidya

    Hi Rikki
    Thanks for the contribution. One thing is very important to keep in mind. The mind of God/creation/what is becoming is a very very big place. As we awaken to what is, each of us offers a unique perspective of the whole. That is why we are here, for the silence to know itself through expression. And that is the value of sharing like this, to share our many views of the One. Indeed this is the whole point of books like the Rig Veda or Bible. (however misunderstood they may have become)

    What I have described is the process of silence becoming, very briefly and from my perspective. The nodes I described for example are what Physics might call an atom. You on the other hand are describing the movement of vibration through what is. The play of action as I have described elsewhere.

    I fully agree – we live in a sea of vibrations. For me, they have a sense of flow and shift. Moving with that flow is the art of living life fully. I’m not sure I would describe them as warnings, but certainly signals.

    From where I sit, the world is an expression of what flows through me. From the placement of the stars, to the pattern of petals falling, to the people and ideas that come into this life – all of it is a reflection of what is flowing and is interrelated with everything else. We could read the stars or the petals or listen to what shows up. All will have the same message.

    The solidity of a tooth as you know is no truth, it is simply a slower, denser point and will, as you observe, carry vibration just fine.

    I’ll do another comment for the second part.

  6. Davidya

    As further comment on Mother Nature or Prakriti.
    A blog post does not have the room to cover all of reality in a few hundred words, unless we leave out all expression. (laughs) In this series, I have stayed with the impersonal approach to expression as it allows more people to relate to it. The personal approach is where laws are seen as devas or angels, and God has form or is at least related to as if an entity. This is more unique to each person. I explore this more here:

    There are values, some as you describe, to both approaches. But when you say “God does not exist in human form” you are stating a belief, not what is. God can exist in what ever way we choose to relate to That. And those tiny pulses in time – there are those that see that everything done is done by. Rather than feeling impulses, they see entities. Just another perspective. I think you will find that God is more than just the forces of the universe. As your consciousness expands (there is ALWAYS expansion possible) your ability to conceive will expand, and so too will your perception of God.

    Thanks again for sharing a snippet of your unique journey. If I have misunderstood anything in your comment, this is the failing of words. It is remarkable what the path brings to us.

  7. Bob



    Your writing about the “truth” is very clear. In a sense it is apparent that you don’t need any feedback. In another sense, you are the feedback. Here is the interesting part of your teaching expression to this observer: The quality of your response to those who respond to your teaching, as in the above comments..it is mutual, and it is silence.




  8. Davidya

    Hi Bob
    Thank you, but I can take no credit. It is not a me that can write this. (laughs) I do enjoy feedback though as this draws out other nuances. The range of different paths continues to amaze me.

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