Love is a Verb

Love is a Verb

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Love arises in the movement of our being. In the very doing of life. All of expression, everything we experience is an expression of love. Sometimes that may not be so apparent. Then we must look deeper. The very act of perceiving – hearing, seeing, touching – is the movement of love. Perhaps you have felt that in music, in a beautiful vista, or the touch of a lover.  This is when you were open.

At each moment, in every point, awareness is aware of itself. And in that recognition of itself, there is flow of awareness to itself. That flow is love. It is the very movement of what is.

That flow is everything that comes to be. If there were not that flow of recognition, there would be no love and nothing would be arise. No nature, no atoms, no universe. But it does. Love literally touches the mind of God and creation springs forth. Love is the intention of God, the movement of celebration.

Suffering arises only as we become lost in what love has created. Absorbed in the periphery of expression. When we can clear the lenses of perception, we will find that love, deep within ourselves. The love that does not end. The love that suffuses all of everything that is. And you are That.

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