LLL Retreat 5

LLL Retreat 5

I’m back. But not really. As is not uncommon, the person who arrived back was not the same person who left. There was a deep enough perspective shift that reality has once again changed. (laughs) And is in the process of going further.

As Lorne suggested, there are states of consciousness. And then within each state are levels of awareness, a progression of clarity and alertness. For example, in waking state, we can have days where we feel lonely and separate. Days where we feel foggy and dull. And days where we feel alive and full. After a spiritual awakening, there can be an uncertainty, a deep clarity and peace, perhaps a struggle with mind, and then the dawn of sat chit ananda, absolute bliss. Yet even that is only the foundation of what follows in higher states. And how it unfolds varies widely by person.

Like the last retreat I spoke of, there are no main points to describe. There was rather a conversation of Self with Itself. Kind of like an advanced version of the conference calls. This one was particularly potent. The love was palpable in the group. The richness sublime. The experiences profound. Because of the mix of the group, the conversations were startling in their depth.

The mind has not yet caught up with the shift underway. I continue to be surprised by the depth of what is there to unfold. And the yet deeper vistas that are revealed. Such a remarkable journey we’re on.

(5 as this was the 5th I’ve been on)

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