Star light, star bright

Star light, star bright

neutron star 2004
Neutron Star 2004 by NASA via Pingnews

Back on Deepest Being, I briefly touched on a stage of existence, just outside first mind (and illusion), where awareness becomes self-aware at every point. At that value, awareness is like a foam. A foam with a richness of potential. This is not obvious from inside creation but from outside it becomes apparent that everything, at every scale, is a self-referential “bubble” of awareness. Every atomic particle, rock, person, or star is formed in consciousness within a self-referential awareness bubble.

Indeed this is that which holds the structure of intelligence that gives rise to the fields which give rise to the form. The fields that hold your memory and structure what you know and perceive. Thus it is throughout nature and all expression. But at such a subtle level, is not often obvious. At scales of the very small and the very large it sometimes manifests more obviously. I ran into the above picture today ‘by accident’. (I have the PicLens plugin)

The image beautifully illustrates the mechanics of self-referential awareness. It forms an interactive, responsive surface, focused on the expression. Of course, this may not be the mechanics of a neutron star, but it is the mechanics of what causes stars to be and star mechanics follows the basic principles. As above, so below. The process is described in Genesis and the Rg Veda and other very old books.

UPDATE: To explain a little more. In the beginning, within silence arises alertness and liveliness. Not alertness or liveliness of anything, simple the principle thereof. To abbreviate the process a little to fit here, awareness becomes lively and begins to move. It curves back on itself and becomes aware of itself. This causes a bunch of things to happen. First, there is the observer-observed relationship, there is the principle of space, there is the principle of mind, there is the flow of attention called love. And at the point of attention arises expression, in this case a star. In the illustration, the sphere is the observer, the star its expression. (more detail on the Deepest Being link above)

Is that you, in the middle, creating yourself?


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  1. Davidya –

    Beautiful picture. Let’s see. Is the light in the center a symbolic entity of awareness that exists in the supernatural being? Are we born with a tiny part of that awareness as a gift from the creator?

    Your depth of philosophy is certainly going to the next level(laughs)


  2. Louise

    I love the photograph — first thought ig was a nice photo shop job and was amazed when I saw the NASA reference – l’ll have to come back and re-read this when I’m less tired for it’s not registering, probably because it’s “2 deep” for me.

  3. Davidya

    It is rather deep, but may give you a visual sense of how awareness observes. We don’t normally step outside of the process of awareness to be able to see the mechanics of awareness in action, but it is possible to conceptualize it, to step back form that which is stepped back.

    As this process works at every scale, it is possible to see it in action.

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