Engagement 3 – Deeper

Engagement 3 – Deeper

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This is a fascinating process, to blog as the discovery unfolds. Usually, I will write and explore myself, then share when a sense of completeness is there or the mind catches up with the deeper knowing. In this case there was an urge to express early and it was a key understanding. One could write a book on just these few posts. The missing link in all that law of attraction stuff. Had to go back and X out one statement in Engagement 2 that was incorrect. Samyama leads into Engagement but is not the same thing.

Meanwhile, over at Takuin’s blog, we were discussing this flow in comments under 2 of his recent posts. He had recently written on this very subject.

The first post in this series is at Engagement 1, if you would like the simpler introduction. As I noted there, several ideas gelled and the Magic Word brought them together. A little writing brought further clarity. Then a little more overnight processing and the rest of it Engaged this morning. OK – enough about process. Time to talk about process. (laughs)

Engagement is how the intention ‘lands’, connects with the environment so it can manifest. It is the opening of awareness to Itself. In that recognition, there is a surrender to receive. This allows Intention to connect. Without recognition, there is no engagement and the intention does not ‘latch’. Engagement is with the Object. In isolation, there is no expression.

In the east they refer to Rishi, Devata, and Chandas; the subject, process of observation, and object.

If you have explored spirituality or even just this blog, you know something of the art of Being. This is the art of the Subject, being in your true nature.

Intention is in the art of the flow, the movement, the process of observation. This is the field of law of attraction, the process of expression, productivity. Everything we experience occurs through the process of observation.

Engagement is in the art of the object, of connecting to oneself in the other. It is the completion of the loop that allows the expression to express. The greeting Namaste is an expression of engagement, a recognition of the divine in other.

How key is this? If you are walking around in the world disengaged, you will experience the world as happening to you. If you are in the world and rooted in being but have certain areas of your life where you resist, where you are not comfortable, then those areas will not be engaged. When they are not engaged, your dreams and hopes will go out, but like a mismatched puzzle piece, will not connect or land effectively. Our efforts will seem for naught. If we have that connection open, it can engage and the flow will be there.

The difference we’re talking about is night and day. The world in its entirety arises through this flow, without effort. Stepping into the flow is engaging. Resisting is stepping out of the flow, into separating. Into disconnect. Isolation. In the flow, we are engaged and all the world is engaged with us. There are no mistakes, only fullness.

In Unity or Oneness, the subject-object relationship collapses. There is no separate subject and object, it is simply the flow within itself. The process remains. To express, we must engage with ourselves. We become that which we express, yet who we are is unchanged.

As an aside, the eastern concept of Tapas is warming, (no, not food) energy given to ‘penance’, to prepare the ground. Tapas is for engagement. It is preparing the ground for engagement. The ultimate engagement of unity of subject and object.

To engage or not to engage. That is the question that defines the fullness of our world.


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  1. Pete

    This seems like the turning point from feeling like the victim of life’s vascilations, to stepping into the flow and wholeheartedly engaging with life. For me the encouragement to actively love life, give thanks for that which I resonate with, and to notice and aknowledge that which I value is allowing me to engage more effectively and wholeheartedly in life. Thankyou for love, thankyou for the space underlying all things, thankyou for bringing forth what needs to be seen. Thankyou for the challenge that brings more growth.

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