Engagement 2 – Deep

Engagement 2 – Deep

Inukshuk, English Bay, Vancouver by ecstaticist

In Engagement 1, we talked about connecting the gears, engaging with the world. Now I’d like to go a little deeper. There seems to be 2 levels to the art of engaging.

The first I spoke of above – the art of being in the world but not of it, lost in it. The second is mastering the dream. To understand this, we need a little context.

In the first stages of waking, the flow gradually moves up and opens the energy centers or channels. What was quiet is seen. As we’ve observed before, this process doesn’t always take place in a sequential way, but broadly, we open the gut, heart, throat, and so forth up. Once the channel is fully open, some say we go on to open further “chakras”. However, that is from the perspective of them being outside. In a deeper way they are within. The divine energy comes down and opens another resolution for the divine flow. The head, heart and gut are absorbed in Self, then the identity dissolves. I reviewed this in Stages of waking. With the entire identity, all 3 am-egos gone, we step out of Maya and all illusions fall away.

But now, in Oneness or Unity, there is another series of openings, a series that follows the same pattern. Within the One, we open to the flow, the sense of intimacy, the sense of cosmic I, and now the sense of engaging. We are the world in deeper and deeper, yet more expressed ways.

My intuition nagged me to look up Patanjali. The siddhi’s or perfections are many. But they are all founded in 3 skills known together as Samyama.

The three aspects of Samyama are:
1) Sustained Samadhi or transcendent silence.
2) Dhyana or continuous attention, the ability to sustain attention in silence, infinite space.
3) Dharana or effortless Intention.
In other words, Samyama is the ability to focus intention within unbounded awareness within silence.

We could debate this understanding but it is shared by some of the very wise. And it is a reflection of the foundation of being. These are the 3 fundamental aspects that underly everything – silence, alertness and liveliness.

Another word for Samyama is Engagement.* It is connecting the source to the world. It is stepping on to the cosmic stage and playing the role. That is the perfection of purpose, in engagement.

*OOps – the mind didn’t get that connection right. It came through the next day as detailed in Engagement 3. Samyama leads to expression or connects via Engagement.


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