The Magic Word

The Magic Word

Magic Wand - 4th of July 06 fireworks, altered in Photoshop
Magic wand by VerdeSam

Over at Tom Stine’s blog, we’ve been discussing if Thoughts are untrue. An interesting juxtaposition came up to that this week I thought was worth exploring. The power of words.

First thing to do though is ask what words are. They are symbols that represent an idea. Apple, red, Freda. They may seem to represent some Thing, but that is only sometimes true. What about run or an? Even a noun like sky is a word that represents an idea about some thing. An idea is a symbol of what it represents, which can be a thing, another idea, an experience, a thought form, or any other expression that may come along, inside or out. In other words, a word is a symbol of a symbol. Perhaps even a symbol of a symbol of a…

Clearly, a word has no value other than what we place on it. It can have value in communication if there is some agreement on the idea represented. The word flishting, for example, does not communicate much. The word Sex communicates all kinds of things. A word can also be a sort of short hand for concepts, like Relativity. Rich with meaning. And that last bit is the key.

Conceptually, we make connections through meaning. A single word can represent what I think a mathematician might call a “set”, a group of ideas that has meaning together.

Every so often, we have an “aha!”. A Eureka! The meanings have found connection, the sets joined.

The fascinating thing about this is that there can often be a single word that makes the connection. It serves as the catalyst and the opening triggers. It can be a very ordinary word that does this, like love or now or inside. A new layer of meaning, a new synergy emerges from the trigger.

I can think of a number of examples. Last year, one of those key words for me was surrender. I often use words like allow accept, and be easy. But surrender had long been associated with blind faith for me. So faith and surrender were in the ‘muddy’ box. Then one day on a conference call with a very awake man, he began to speak of surrender in a new context. I heard it differently. And my whole reality fell away. Who I was switched.

Yesterday, there was another key word that came along. Engage. Just writing those posts now. 😉


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