A few days ago, I wanted to blog about commitment but didn’t get to it. (irony) Then I heard a talk on how such ideas were just the ego, wanting or not wanting to engage. But it does lead to a deeper thought on the concept.

Commitment really speaks to our role in the world and to relationship.

What are we committed to? To ourselves, to our obligations, to the bigger picture?  As Yoda famously said, Do or don’t do, there is no try. Sometimes we have this idea that if we don’t decide, we don’t commit, it may work out better. There will be no obligations laid on us from commitment. But even that deciding not to decide is a commitment. A commitment not to commit. If we fail to recognize that its always a decision, we only fail ourselves.

In the end, the important thing is to learn when to fully engage, and when to fully release. Anything else is a life less well lived. To be able to grow, we need to learn to release, to let go of the old. But to capture the new, we need to learn to fully engage it. Embrace it wholeheartedly and thus live it fully.

This is true at each stage of the growth cycle. If we refuse to engage when we can, we will stall out and lose an opportunity for richness. If we refuse to disengage when the time is ripe, we will again stall,  attached to what was old and spent.

So live fully, but release fully as well. Then fullness will be you.

Last Updated on November 11, 2017 by Davidya

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