For many years, I’ve offered informal spiritual coaching, helping people understand their experience and answering related questions. By request, I’m now offering this more formally in paid Zoom sessions.

You can see the offering here and in the top menu.

Also, during October, I proofed transcriptions of the videos of talks and conversations I’ve hosted. Then, I added this to the DavidyaBot, captioned the videos on YouTube, and linked the transcription to the blog post about the video.


Last Updated on November 25, 2023 by Davidya

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  1. harrison

    That’s great David. I’ve felt the benefit of your informal coaching and sharing in other venues and it makes sense to offer this formally. How about offering small, group sessions too? We also benefit from hearing others share about their journey and receive your feedback and support.

  2. Peter Goodman

    Thank you David for what you are offering in assisting others.
    What you have to offer is clarity for the person on their path; insights to what can be done, or not done, to enhance that persons path.
    What a way to formalize your gift.
    I have found your clarity a boon to my experience.
    My life is fuller with you as a part of my journey.

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