Mother Meera

Mother Meera

Mother MeeraSome years ago, Mother Meera came to Vancouver a couple of years in a row to give blessings. She’s one of the embodiments of Divine Mother.

Today she released a meditation video. The presence is quite potent, especially if you gaze into her eyes near the start and end.

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  1. Pierre

    Thank you David, Mother Meera is helping me for many years up to now. What a beautiful surprise to see her picture when I visited your site!
    I visited her a few times in Germany, it was wonderful to work in the garden with her, so much love and of course a lot of unstressing that leads to more love ☺ Blessings

    1. Lovely, Pierre, to get a chance to work with her. I’ve just seen pictures.

      The photo was interesting. It’s from their home page and has a lot of presence. But I needed a smaller size. When I first shrunk the photo, it muted the presence, unexpectedly. A gentler process through PhotoShop did much better.

      (The presence isn’t in the photo but rather comes through it.)

  2. Pierre

    Yes I have been very fortunate to be in her presence, I remember my first trip, my plan was to meditate all day and going to Darshan in the evening but Mother Meera is very down to earth and when we arrive at her house there was two huge pile of soil to equalize on the yard and for a couple of day we did by shoveling so there was a good way to integrate hahaha; but of course there was sweet Darshan at night ☺

    1. Yes, the value of spending long period in meditation is much less in the current time.

      But I’ve been surprised by what teachers will do sometimes. Like when we were in the middle of doing 8 rounds of meditation & yoga a day back in the 70’s, suddenly we were sent out to march down the street and go to a celebration.

  3. Lewis

    I really like Mother Meera. Agree with what you say…. Tremendous Darshan from pictures and videos. I also enjoy seeing her take questions now that she has been speaking. Have you ever seem Amma or Amma Karunamayi? Also even the pictures and videos of Anandamayi Ma have great love and power….. There is a great documentary about her on YouTube. PS I like this answer from Mother Meera

    1. Everyone has an aura, Sandesh. But it’s much easier to see when the presence is strong. Darshan amplifies our abilities, including subtle perception.

      I wouldn’t read a lot into the experience, but it’s nice when we’ve had it.

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