Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us



Recently, I had a powerful experience with archangel Michael. Soon after, I heard a song by a dear friend and wanted to share the chorus. She died in November 2009, a few months after she recorded this music at her boyfriends place on Galiano Is. in the Pacific NW.

“There are angels, who walk among us
Helping, sharing, shining light
Precious angels, here among us
Guide us through, they’ll walk with you
and everything will be alright.”

– Angels Among Us, Chantal Jolly

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  1. Jean

    I‘ve recently read a story about a boy who was rescued from the ruins in Turkey after the earthquake.
    He was found after 4 days and 16 hours. He told his rescuers that a person dressed in white would bring him food and water.

            1. Hi Michael
              Hard to describe but we have a prior relationship. The healer Stefan called on him. My impression was Michael then invoked me but they now tell me it was the synthesis of healers that invoked me. Essentially, this immediately activated certain laws of nature and abilities here. They were activated for their presence in the healing.

              (This is something new, so I don’t have background.)

  2. Trami

    When I did a 21 day fasting retreat, everyday we would pray to Arc Angel Michael. I felt more connected and supported as a whole as a result. I felt cleansed.

    Thank you for sharing your experience, David.

  3. Stephen

    Hi David,

    So interesting. It’s 1:20 AM here, was dreaming something mundane about work. However, in the background of the dream was a strange message to liberate the local natural laws of order.

    I wake up to see what I think are clouds… but almost seemed angelic.

    Then I see this post about your encounter with AA Michael (probably through Malika).


      1. Jeff May

        I have found that the Catholic funeral mass helps with the transition from Earth to the higher realms. At my father in laws funeral mass, a being of golden light came to help with the transition.

        It is also my experience that the Catholic mass enlivens God’s Grace. First it is given to those taking communion, then after a while, it is given to everyone.. The Grace purifies sins or karmic burdens.

        1. Yes, many traditional ceremonies have their roots in directly experienced processes. That connection has commonly been lost today, but the ceremony can still serve the function.

          I’ve seen a lot of purification happening at some church services, of various denominations. But it’s variable without that deeper connection.

    1. Yes, she’s a real light, Scott. Worked as a music therapist but was involved in various spiritual communities: church pianist & choir, kirtan, goddess group, and so on.

      She referred to a small group of us as her “boys” (laughs) but she had a lot of admirers.

      The photo is at a dance – world music with no alcohol or drugs.

    1. Right, Rick.
      We all have full-timers, like our guardians and guides. Often project workers, to prepare for shifts. And then there are various beings who are “on call”. And developing sattva attracts others to help us aka natures support.

      After I woke up, I was surprised how many beings left – they’d been busy preparing and their work was done.

      Guardians are representatives of archangels. I supposed they’d indicate the path we’re on.

      There is life on all levels of being.

    1. Yep, by quite a bit.
      Consider that your own body is composed of trillions of cells, each it’s own life form. Groups of these each have their own subtle beings. Ditto for plants and animals. Ditto for other places. Ditto for other universes. etc.

  4. To be very clear, I don’t spend a lot of time with subtle beings. I’m in a human form so have that life to live. Yet, I am aware of them. This has been unfolding gradually for decades.

    If you’re going to explore the arena, be sure you know the difference between astral entities and Divine ones. And have that connection to source, so your discrimination is clear.

    There are some people like healers whose work involves working with subtle beings.

  5. A further note…
    Many people become aware of their angelic support in a time of great crisis. They don’t generally intervene otherwise. Free will means we get to choose our life. Angels don’t manage it, they just work to support us. (post Self Realization, we discover the devata are the true doers.) However, when we’re acting from unresolved trauma, we often act against our own interests and the efforts of our team. Then we complain about feeling unsupported. 🙂

    When I first started experience nature devas, it was immediately obvious they had attitude about humans because we’re not aware of our impact and bumble around, ruining their work. Thus we’re seen as ignorant and disrespectful.

    When we learn to act in harmony with nature, then they’re able to support us. When we also have soma flowing, we increase their abilities and capacity.

      1. I suspect there’s a lot more angels in your life than you know, Antony. Especially given you have the inclination to read something like this blog.

        Pemberton is a beautiful part of the world. Have been up to the hot springs a couple of times – amazing right by a rushing river.

  6. Reggie

    Recently after my mother’s death she has come to me in various forms. I saw her in my minds eye overflowing with light smiling at me. She was reminding me everything was going to be ok and that she loved me. It was a powerful energetic shift that still helps me through the grief. She was and is truly an angel in human form.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Reggie. Lovely you could have that experience. I had similar with my mother, only her personality was more dominant. I’d helped a couple of friends with crossing over, so I thought I’d be helping her. Nope. She was fine and her usual independent self. 🙂

  7. scott

    That’s a cute story about your mother, David.

    I have a couple questions. What does that look like exactly, helping someone crossing over/ transitioning?

    I figure one needs a clear, stable, conscious, connection to subtler realms to mindfully help someone cross over. But I have the impression that I’ve helped
    a couple of people with that transition as well as with other unseen things. However, in all instances I’m not really doing it, not consciously anyway. It’s only confirmed after the fact. It’s very much happening beneath my conscious awareness. Do you have any insights/suggestions ? I do feel in time, with more wakefulness , I will be able to bridge this split and embody these (and other) abilities more…

    1. Hi Scott
      (laughs) Yeah, it was typical of our relationship. She didn’t look to her children for help.

      What it looks like varies. For example, a friend of mine’s mother died in a coma. I didn’t know her but heard about her when she died. I spontaneously checked in and found that she didn’t realize she’d died. (In a coma, the experience didn’t change.) I spoke to her and she reflected on her experience and was then able to let go and leave. Usually an angel would have this role but in this case, her recognition was off-line.

      On the flip side, when Chantal above died in hospice, I was working on my computer and became aware of her crossing over. We conversed briefly, then again several times later as she went through the process I’ve described elsewhere. People tend to take from a few days to a couple of weeks to process the letting go and fully cross over. The soul steps out of the physical body, then emotional body, then lower mind.

      I’m visual, so there was a visual component, and hearing too. But that varies by our natural dominant sense and what clairs are online.

      And yes, to experience more subtle things reliably, we need the mind to be quieter and the senses to be refined. This means clearing some of the dross that creates fog, and fine tuning. This is also about shifting more from inertia to clarity, tamas to sattva.

      Many people don’t need others support to cross over as they have their team. But sometimes, they want someone familiar to reassure them. Yet a friend who committed suicide didn’t welcome my visiting.

      In your case, just the attention on the matter can help give them the inner strength to continue. In that sense, it’s good to have supportive thoughts of those crossing over. Grief is normal and healthy but laying your baggage on them isn’t.

      Yes, your skills will improve. First Nations call this owl medicine, though I wouldn’t raise the topic inappropriately.

      1. Stephen

        In Tibetan Buddhism, it is often recommended to call on the Guru when you die so the transition is easier. The idea is that you enter into your sushumna when you die. From there, the ideal goal is to exit from the crown of the head. If you exit from your eyes, for example, you go into the realm of jealous gods.

        Do you often serve as a Guru or a guide for those that pass if they knew you?

        Thank you

        1. I’ve heard it said that your thoughts around the time of death determine your next life. Hence, calling on the guru could be helpful. However, I don’t think it’s that simple. Certainly, what is unresolved may dominate thoughts at death, and that is also what leads you into the next life, to work things out. But the choice of the next life takes place a little later and is more big picture – how we’d fit into a specific family, how we’d contribute to the whole, what we have to work out, etc.

          When we’re alive, the soul resides in the heart. So yes, it would rise up the shushumna on the way out. The idea you could exit out a sense organ doesn’t make sense to me. But what remains at death is what determines where you go, usually after a period of adjusting and stepping out of the emotional body and lower mind. Most people spend a bit of time on the astral before going on to the next life. For example, a friend of mine died with an anger issue. So she spent some time as a guide, helping people with their anger. This is being of service to yourself and others.

          If I know someone well, it’s natural for me to be concerned about their welfare. As such, I have ended up visiting during their process. In a few cases, I’ve visited with them much later. But I don’t make a habit of this, nor do I want to be a death doula.

          I suppose what started this was my father. He died in his late 30’s when I was very young. In my 20’s, thinking about him lead me to him. He was a guide for a long time, then took a new life. After that, he was was no longer available to chat with. He’d “crossed the veil.”

    1. Lew

      One question that comes to mind is how or rather why do people so spiritually evolved die at such a young age, especially when so involved with healing. I had a friend who was very close to Maharishi on Mother Divine, absolutely no vices, die in her early 50’s from cancer. She was an energetic and very healthy when I knew her and very committed to TM. I once taught s course on the Holocaust and related atrocities like the Rwandan Genocide in High School which was very depressing. Sad to think about transitioning millions of people in these circumstances and wondering where they go and what happens to them. What happens to.the perpetrators later on and if this cycle can be stopped both protecting the victims from dying horribly and the perpetrators who get lured into doing something that produces such horrible karma.

      1. Hi Lew
        It varies. But broadly, we come in to this life with a timetable to have certain experiences and tackle certain challenges and enjoy some benefits. That timetable is pliable, based on what actually unfolds and how we’re responding to it. Some will step into a family for a very short time, others will live short, medium, or long lives. In the bigger picture, there’s no reason to be attached to a specific life when it’s seen as a means to an end. Thus some spiritual people die young as they’ve done what they came here for. Or they die violently. Or whatever. It’s not about the surface appearance but the process taking place behind all that.

        I’m coming out the other side of a major health challenge. As the fog lifts, it’s clear a lot of impediments have been cleared and a new flowering has begun. It’s also clear what a setup it was. Different timing would have led to very different results.

        In time, the perpetrators become the victims, and the victims the perpetrators. We play all roles in the dance of life and come out the other end whole. That said, we are rising out of the lowest part of the cycle of ages, so it’s been a darker period. That will be cleansed in time.

        That cycle is stopped by getting off the wheel of karma. Liberation. That’s what this blog is about. Your friends soul will have chosen this path. They would have cleared major karma with the illness and will be able to come back ready for liberation. In fact, that life of practice will have built up a lot of both atman and sattva, so their unfolding will be very full.

        It’s all a learning. There is no loss in infinity.

  8. Lew

    PS I remember Charlie Lutes used to give the advice to do the mantra when leaving the body. In the film Ghandi, he kept repeating “Ram” as he was dying. There also is that old story of a man ,who was dying, calling for his son Narayan at death and achieving liberation.

    1. Yes, a conscious passing is ideal.
      I believe the old story is in the Upanishads.
      I’ve not known anyone who was liberated on their death bed, but it’s more than possible. Dying itself is a surrender. I do know someone who died less than a year after waking up. Their goal was Unity and they had that shift on their death bed.

      This also relates to the Gita:
      “Whatever object one remembers at the time of death, when one gives up the body, O Son of Kunti, that very same object one attains.”
      – Bhagavad Gita 8:6

      Put another way, that’s where we go.

  9. Jeff

    I remember Maharishi saying that we die when we get get hit with a lot of karma at one time. He went to say that our karma unfathomable. I also remember him saying that it is better to be immortal as experiences are better with a body. But the Vedas only mention seven people who achieved immortality. And one was a monkey, Hanuman.

    1. Hi Jeff.
      Well, I’m not sure I’d frame it quite like that. But something major, a last karma from our suitcase, can be what takes us out. That may be a last bundle but most people leave more quietly.

      Yes, karma is unfathomable because it’s interconnected with many others, including ancestors, the collective, and our prior lives. Natures intelligence delivers “packages” that sync with others, creating events that are experienced specific ways. Then how we respond determines the trajectory for us. We can get a sense of what the major karma in play is as it’s resolving, but that’s variable.

      Physical immortality is great but hard to achieve, especially in the current age. Others have reached this but it’s not common. Most of us can’t wait to stay in a heaven instead. Subtle immortality is more common, but even there, most don’t work for it.

    2. Stephen


      In Tibetan Buddhism’s Book of the Dead, when one dies, the good karma from the body manifests first and fulfills desires. They appear as devas. If after a certain amount of time the person doesn’t recognize these as illusions, all the bad karma manifests in the next phase and appear as wrathful deities.

      Throughout this process, the great light of the Self appears at each stage. Because many people aren’t awakened during death, they shun the light since it can appear as a light of billion suns. I believe you also have the option to call on the Guru to soften the light.

      After the wrathful deities manifest, they tear apart the jiva and strips him or her of all memories.

      Then rebirth takes place.

      1. Hi Stephen
        It varies a lot, depending on what best next steps are for the soul. But broadly, I’d frame it that we either become guides to help others in some way or we go to a heaven or lower place (loka or patala) to work out some karma. Can’t say I’m an expert but that’s what I’ve noticed.

        With the transition to death, we “go into the light” which is blazing relative to here. But like stepping out into bright sunshine, we adjust. Some experience this in practice too.

        When we take a new birth, we step through a veil and usually lose access to our prior memories and those we’ve been connected to. But they’re still there and can be accessed if we clear those channels.

        Some of what you describe sounds like superstitious interpretations of experience.

          1. Yes, that’s a good way to put it. Even the gods look pretty wrathful in some of those images.

            There’s a perspective where the gods and demons are in a perpetual battle. Each becomes dominant for a period.

            But there’s another perspective where that’s just another layer of the play. Deeper, love can wash away any darkness.

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