Do You See the Sun or the Clouds?

Do You See the Sun or the Clouds?

Morning Sky by Val Wroblewski
Morning Sky by Val Wroblewski

“You don’t have to know anything to be negative. But to be positive, you have to know a great deal!”
R. Buckminster Fuller, 1982

When we focus on the surface, we see only problems. Life seems difficult and unfair. But when we go deeper, we discover the order and purpose of life. We find things happen for a reason, often to correct mistakes we’ve made or to teach us and restore balance. And we learn how deeply supported we are in our journey.

Then, we see even challenging periods like a health crisis or loss of someone close to us in a new light. We can come to acceptance much more easily, then work with what is happening and move past it.

Same life seen from a higher place. That makes a lot of difference.

(found this post sitting online since last fall but never published.)

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  1. George Robinson

    Finally, something that has been part of my experience for a long time.

    Funny how it works out here, too. Sometimes I’ll try to force myself to be p___ed off at something the energy for which has since dissipated, and it just never works. Once something is resolved and whatever energy it had is gone, it stays gone, my little experiments notwithstanding. The memory of the thing is still there, and the memory of being angry/guilty/wronged/etc. is still retrievable, too. Just the energy is gone and no reaction arises…plugging into a disconnected circuit, sort of. Kinda amusing, really, but encouraging, too. Baby steps forward, I guess. Better than nothing.

    Thanks, D.

    1. Great sign, George. Memory but no charge. It’s resolved, yet remains as part of our life experience.

      Eventually, even the tendency to react in certain ways dissipates. We may have once had a temper, for example, but its hard to really get angry when you’re happy and nothing phases you. The capacity for anger remains for only something that deserves it. And even then, it resolves quickly when action is taken.

    2. Lynette

      Thanks for sharing George. That’s how I feel. For awhile I feel enormous hatred for two people, after taking ACIM for several years, I think I shifted. I still think of those people I know I hated them before, and try as I might to hate them now, I can’t, it’s like the electric outlet is not working every time I plug hatred. It’s gone. Thank God.

  2. Reggie

    I read a poem by rumi called “The Guest house” recently and it really spoke to my current experience. Recently I lost my mom suddenly and my dad has dementia. All sorts of health issues have come up that landed me in the hospital as recent as yesterday. Throughout each of these experiences I keep seeing the sun peering through the clouds of purification. Each time something challenging is being observed and felt I remember that ground of being even when it feels lost, and believe me I felt it shaking like an earthquake lol. Yet still I am not discouraged.

    1. Hi Reggie
      You have my compassion. I’ve had similar but more spread out.
      Life’s greatest challenges have the potential to make us stronger and ready for growth. I’m coming out the other end of the largest health challenge of this life and a whole new vista is opening before me. Recently, the karma behind it became clear. That’s always a good sign as it indicates the shadow of the karma is lifting and it’s almost done.

      With life experience, we see difficulty can precede wonder and we gain the patience to stay the course. Blessings!

  3. Gina

    “You don’t have to know anything to be negative. But to be positive, you have to know a great deal!”
    – R. Buckminster Fuller.” Bucky said when he was asked by a bookstore owner in DC why all the books about the future were so negative. My husband, Peter had gone with him to sign books, and that’s the only time I’ve ever heard the quote. I was just wondering where you got it from.

    1. Hi Gina
      Hmm – as I note at the bottom, I drafted this last fall and don’t remember how the quote came up. It doesn’t come up online but my mentioning the year indicates a source. Apologies but I’m drawing a blank.

      1. Eira

        This reminds me of a song by Enya, “How Can I Keep From Singing”, about the music that can still be heard through the tempests. One line in particular has resonated; “no storm can shake my inmost calm” has been my experience for a couple of years or so now. One might be buffeted about, but ultimately there’s that profound and subtle peace. Even in the midst of discomfort or grief. And the prevailing feeling is that of massive thankfulness and gratitude.
        However, one of the strongest remaining concerns is how other people, especially those close to me, are affected by these challenges. While I know everyone is ultimately “fine”, one can’t be sporting the sutras for years and not feel a certain amount of Compassion for the suffering people go through. Things are fine, and yet not so. Which is all as it’s meant to be I guess. One still is called to help, as long as it’s genuine, and not just a subconscious attempt at alleviating one’s own discomfort.

        At least, this is where my inner dialogue is at this point. It’s a work in progress.

        1. Hi Eira
          Yes, it’s a curious experience to be in deep peace while experiencing grief, etc. But the peace tends to dominate and it makes processing the other emotions so much easier. We can just allow whatever is arising, leading to its completion.

          Yes, compassion. Alas, we can point the way but they have to make the choice. Right, or a subconscious attempt to feel better than or to control.

          🙂 We’re all a work in progress…

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