The Mechanics vs The Appearance

The Mechanics vs The Appearance

Fishing Boat in the Morning Light by Peter Addor
Fishing Boat in the Morning Light by Peter Addor

On Origins, I talked about the mechanics of becoming, how the world arises from sound.

However, the actual appearance doesn’t arise until part way along.

For example, the Rig Veda starts with Agni. This is fire, the element associated with sight. Before that is Vayu (air) and Akasha (space). Agni arises in the space of consciousness aware of itself. Only then can cosmic structure and process be seen.

Those fundamentals of intellect, ego, mind, emotions, and body are not just present in us as a person. The person is an effect of higher scale principles. Same with the elements and senses. Mind, intellect, and ego come before them.

All have versions locally, at various scales in the collective, our universe, cosmic/ creation versions, and Divine versions. As above, so below. It’s all nested, one within the other.

So yes, we have a cosmic body, ego and elements like Agni and Akasha. And you can live those in your daily life, along with the local versions.

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    1. Bojan

      Hi David.
      I’m glad you’re doing much better!
      I love your blogposts where you’re describing the mechanics of creation or people, all the details and nuances of Reality… I don’t know of anyone else who are doing anything like that. Why is that? There has to be others who have similar insights like you, but somehow i can’t find them online. The people who were talking or writing about many details were Sri Aurobindo, Mother Mirra Alfassa and Meher Baba. But they are all gone… Maybe you are called to do that…
      And i have one question about the name you’re using for the Absolute Reality. The words like Atman, Brahman, God etc. are the names either for stages of development or refinment process, but what name are using for the Absolute Reality Itself, beyond all states and stages?
      Thanks for your answer.

      1. Hi Bojan
        Each of us has a natural tendency to certain arenas. Healers explore energy mechanics a lot more, for example. I know a couple of people who can see the energy system, DNA, and birth chart all overlaid. Not here. The dharma here has been the subtlest mechanics – that began to unfold in the mid-70’s. This is partly due to a role I’ll have after this life.

        One of the books I’m working on is on that topic.

        The deepest reality I’m aware of is what I call pure Divinity and the texts call ParaBrahman. Post-Brahman is more commonly described in poetry. Even the Rig Veda has little to say on it.

        The stage is a merging of the 2 threads of the masculine and feminine processes. That’s what inclines me to think it’s the end point, although like Unity, it has substages.

        Curiously, “absolute” is not a word I’d use to describe it. Absolute implies a relative so is inherently dualistic. Even Brahman goes beyond that.

        The highest reality is not one humans can know – it’s all realities in all universes, in all time simultaneously. The God view we could say. But we can come to know our part of the picture to a profound degree. That’s our contribution to the whole.

    1. Hi Tomek
      Those can certainly show up in the collective – as our current period illustrates. However, those are largely an effect of an identified ego not knowing it’s true nature. On the comic level, for example, it very much knows it’s nature so it’s more like an enlightened ego.

      This isn’t perfect though – the cosmic ego can still over-estimate its importance like the higher devas sometimes do. They know their cosmic status but may not know the deeper Divine reality. There are stories in the Puranas about this.

      Some stories attribute human emotions to the gods but some of that is overdone.

  1. Bernie

    Hi David,
    “ …The where is the first manifest space…” – Could you elaborate on “the first manifest space” a little more? Do you have an article about it here on your blog somewhere?

    1. Hi Gina
      Technically, no. Devas manage/embody specific laws of nature.They have a very different souls journey that humans.

      Humans have several possible paths post-physical births. And I’m sure there are others I’m not aware of. There are some advanced souls who merge with the Divine yet are maintained in cosmic memory. This way their wisdom and experiences remains accessible. Some of the sages of the tradition are like that.

      Others keep a subtle form and continue evolving and supporting some aspect of our creation or universe. This is where I seem to be going. This is more subtle than “guides” who are commonly between physical lifetimes.

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