Refined Perception With Dorothy Rowe and Andrew Hewson

Refined Perception With Dorothy Rowe and Andrew Hewson

Dorothy Rowe and Andrew Hewson started a YouTube channel for a series of conversations. Most have not been posted yet. Last weekend, I joined them as a guest to discuss refined perception. It was a wide-ranging conversation on the topic.

On YouTube

Other conversations with Andrew.

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    1. Thanks, Tyler. Andrew and I have another conversation near the end of the month, this time on various factors that influence the flavour of our path. He and Dorothy have posted another conversation on their channel and have more to come.

  1. Oskari

    Thank you for doing and sharing this D, D & A. A nice point re devotional relating with everyday life experience, and how that becomes a vehicle for development of subtler perception. Its like life becomes an intimate, devotional dialogue with itself that then keeps revealing more and more of its own mechanics. There’s something to be said about the power of any dialogue when we engage with an open heart. Anyway, just wanted say that its very helpful to have an un-worded experience worded. Thank you 🙂

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