Willing to wait... by Nick Kenrick
Willing to wait… by Nick Kenrick

On the spiritual journey, we’ll periodically have plateaus where progress appears to have stalled or slowed. This is “appears” because there are many layers of transformation underway, a great deal of which we’re not aware of.

One reason a plateau can arise is some resistance to the next steps. Some need for willingness.

This could be to do our practices regularly. Or to let go of some identification. Or to look at some old trauma that’s surfacing.

This can arise at any point on the journey. Even someone very awake can run into a sensitive point, brought to the surface in the cycles of time.

In the bigger picture, this isn’t about a person resisting. Nature is organizing and in the cycles of time, sometimes we have a fallow period to recharge and sometimes we make more obvious progress.

I can recall a time when my life was very much outward stroke, working long hours, home renovations, etc. And then that all changed. It then became clear how much inner progress had been made in the background, grounding and integrating all the earlier openings through action.

An older article on this topic arose from a talk by Constance Kellough (Eckhart Tolle’s publisher).

Whatever is arising, be it smooth and easy or deeply challenging, it’s a phase. If we’re willing to work with what is unfolding, we can resolve it and find a little more freedom. And then time will change and new experiences will arise.

This too shall pass. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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    1. Yes, good observation, Bill. We live on multiple levels simultaneously. Our routine life can seem superficial while at the same tome, we’re resolving emotion, having an insight, and deepening in peace.

      I’m actually working on a related article. 🙂

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