Flamenco by Leonardo Shinagawa
Flamenco by Leonardo Shinagawa

I’ve written before about the dynamics of consciousness and of healing.

The key with healing is to make conscious our contractions and just experience them. Then the unresolved and resisted experiences complete.

Our ability to do this is enhanced as we go beyond our mind and emotions and experience our true nature. They call this samadhi or turiya or resting in presence. We become more neutral and see our old experiences as they are. The simple act of transcending also settles the body, which facilitates healing too.

After we awaken, our presence or consciousness is pretty much full time. This offers considerably sped up healing and deepening, although it can also kick up a lot of dust initially, reducing clarity in the short term.

We also considerably up the production of soma. This facilitates refinement and clarity.

Let’s go deeper into consciousness itself. Somewhere after the Brahman shift, we recognize the qualities of Divinity that give rise to consciousness.

These are alertness, liveliness and intelligence.

In the Shiva or masculine aspect of the process, the clarity and intensity of alertness gradually increases. This gives consciousness the ability to penetrate more and more of the shadow remaining. It becomes increasingly awake to itself.

In the Shakti or feminine aspect of the process, the power increases. This increases the solvent effect of awareness, penetrating and then simply dissolving shadows, bringing light.

How this process unfolds in this or that body will vary widely. The key point is that the potency of consciousness continues to increase.

In the cycles of time, shadows will come to the surface to be seen. As we open up subtler levels, we also become more and more universal. As we resolve our own shadows, our prior lives and ancestors, we shift more and more into healing the collective.

What we resonate with in the collective and our gifts determine how we help.

The healing of the collective is well underway. Lots of acting out is still going on, but these are symptoms of healing. The foundations are being restructured to restore the Divine templates.

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  1. Judith

    Dear Prof. Dr. Davidya, this one is such a WOW ! It is apparent that we are all individually being ‘called’ to assist in this Divine reconstruction, aka evolution and involution. However, in my opinion we must each respond with a YES to this call in order to be ‘chosen’ to assist. That we can choose to answer the call is the exercise of our own free will given to us having been made in the image of the Divine free will. Do you think perhaps we have a choice in the possibility of our own extinction ?

    1. Hi Judith
      Thanks. Agreed. Some do get a sense of being “called”. For others, it is less overt. But in any case, there is a letting go of control and allowing the universal to take over (as it always was). In that sense, this is beyond free will but yes, there is still that part of free will in choosing to allow it. Later, when we fully recognize we are the universal, then our free will is the same as the wholes.

      It’s worth noting that a calling comes from the need of the time. If we resist, then someone else will be called. Later, we’ll be asked again. It’s a progressive unfolding.

      We’re not facing extinction. But we’re facing a lot of consequences. A great deal of unresolved stress is rising to be seen. One way this comes up is through karma, consequences for past choices. So yes, how we respond has a big impact on what plays out.

      Related to the article, the potency of our attention increases the power of the consequences. This means we have greater responsibility as we evolve. What we put our attention on and what we choose has a larger impact. Happily, after Self Realization is established, it’s largely Self & Nature that are acting so we can be confident in it. Then the responsibility is just to deepen into that.

      But this means the playing field isn’t even. We can’t judge only by surface appearances. For example, there are groups of the awake doing collective practices (amplifying the potency) to calm the collective and heal it. There is a lot of growth happening under the drama.

    1. Hi Clarice
      Simply, we resonate with what we’ve healed. We know how to process that. So for example, if we were once an anxious person, we’ll have a facility for resolving collective anxiety. But we can also manage that, so we just process what’s comfortable.

      Gifts are related to dharma. Some people discover what they’re good at early on. For others, there are some experiences to unfold first (late bloomers). Curiously, we may not recognize our gifts because they’re ordinary and natural for us. It can take experiences with others to recognize them. Or a good jyotishi. (laughs)

  2. harrison

    I find our own group collective in seminars with Lorn and Lucia offers a powerful flow of healing energy that supports letting go of those old contractions and their associated beliefs in real time. Recently, during a retreat, I could see-feel a split off part that has felt young, helpless and victimized and yet the wholeness that is who I really am just laughing in a loving way knowing that contraction was so not who I really am and never was – just a false belief/impression that was silly in extreme like a billionare worried about cab fare.

    1. Hi Harrison
      Yes, there is great potency in the collective created by gathering together (virtually). Just a shared attention brings more of the cosmic forward, enlivened by that share. That facilitates resolving any shadows to that.

      And yes, those early contractions and stories can seem silly from the broader perspective. But they were deeply real at the time. Very nice to clear those shadows though as they can be outsized.

  3. Lynette

    I am a newbie and ignorant, I want to know what you mean by “The key with healing is to make conscious our contractions and just experience them.” →what do you by make conscious our contraction? How can we do that?

    1. Hi Lynette
      Our contractions are incomplete experiences, old experiences we resisted in some way so they didn’t finish. So the key is to complete the experiences, resolving them. And the key to being successful there is being able to see them without getting caught in them. To experience the charges without believing in them. The most effective way to that is transcending. When we get to know our infinite nature, then we can be with whatever is here without being drawn into the old dramas. Our history can arise and be healed.

  4. Tim Owens

    “Simply, we resonate with what we’ve healed. We know how to process that. So for example, if we were once an anxious person, we’ll have a facility for resolving collective anxiety.” On a practical level, Alcoholics Anonymous and its myriad 12th Step spin-offs were based on this universal principle. And homeopathy also framed this in its fundamental guiding principle: “similia similibus curantur”, the Latin for like cures like.

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