Ocean and Drop

Ocean and Drop

Rough Seas via Karen
Rough Seas via Karen

“Outside is the joy of the drop. Inside is the joy of the ocean.”
– Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Outside, we enjoy the world. Inside, we transcend into wholeness.

This is the secret to spiritual progress. To dip into our true nature, then come out into the world to stabilize and integrate it. We’re building the platform for awakening.

The ocean and drop are in the nature of consciousness. I describe this as awareness aware of itself globally and at every point.

When we first come to consciousness itself, we often recognize it as silent and without manifest qualities. As we deepen and refine, we discover its lively nature, qualities, and bliss. Finer still and we recognize it flows.

It’s on the celestial level (the bliss body) where it truly becomes ocean like. This is where manifestation begins. Some call this the causal level.

But has the drop yet recognized its nature as wholeness, as the ocean? How does that drop express? As a life-form? As a chair? As a universe? The possibilities are immense. Each drop has its own emphasis of qualities, just as each snowflake is unique. These qualities steer its expression, both in the form it takes and the actions it’s inclined to.

You are a wave in wholeness. Getting to know the qualities you offer can be key to a well-lived life.

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      1. Little did I think I’d have the good fortune of playing a game of portmanteau with you on your blog. Another thing for the gratitude list! I have really been enjoying your blog posts. Unity Consciousness seems to be blissfully unfolding for me- very grateful to be alive 🙂

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