A Conversation on ParaBrahman with Andrew Hewson

A Conversation on ParaBrahman with Andrew Hewson

In our recent conversations, Andrew and I discussed Awakening (Self Realization or Cosmic Consciousness) with it’s refined compliment God Consciousness then Unity stage and Brahman stage with their Refined versions. In this conversation we’re discussing the ParaBrahman stage, pure Divinity. We also touch on how we each see the world becoming.

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The poem Andrew recited at the end. (at the bottom)

Prior conversations with Andrew

YouTube Playlist of the series

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    1. Hi Tomek
      The Prior Conversations link has links to all our conversations. Now that this sub-series is complete, I’ve added a Playlist for the 4 in the series. The other 4 conversations prior to this were not sequential so are less suited to a Playlist. However, you can also click on my Channel name and click Videos to see all. There’s a ‘Play All’ link there. Also there on the Playlist tab are links to videos from my older channel.

  1. What a pleasure to hear you two again, David. Thank you for this new recording. Is it the case that other planetary systems have developed without our same egoic centrality, and if so, what’s that like? Are we evolving towards it? many thanks- Shelley

    1. Thanks, Shelley
      The ego as a function is common to all life forms. It’s necessary to be able to distinguish self from other. For example, in walking, knowing where the ground is. (laughs) The difference is in how dominant that is, how dominant the collective is, and if they’re aware of the cosmic self/ their nature as consciousness. Different locations will also have a different balance of laws of nature. And different koshas will be more dominant. For example, they may be barely physical with a dominant collective. Or live physically but as consciousness. A lot of variety.

      Even here on earth, humans have lived through vast cycles of time that have included golden ages where our potential is much more fully expressed, technology and large structures are not required, and we live in harmony with the natural world. This seems where we’re moving to now, although we’re also in a time where technology will advance a lot as well. We’ll see what that mix becomes.

      It’s a little hard to describe as it’s so different from what we’re living now. The whole world is intimate to us, everyone’s state is obvious so no one is left behind, peace and happiness dominate, and so forth. Still challenges but they don’t overshadow we are.

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