A Conversation on Unity Plus with Andrew Hewson

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Andrew and I have been having a series of conversations on the stages of enlightenment. Our prior discussion was on Self Realization and GC. In this conversation, we explore Unity stage and it’s related refinement. Andrew outlines an alternative sequence that can arise if the refinement (feminine) process is dominant, as discussed in the prior conversation. If you’re not familiar with the stages, please review the above links first.

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Update: it’s worth noting a distinction between:
a) a strong God Consciousness (GC) process with refinement and heart opening followed by Unity where masculine and feminine aspects of consciousness are recognized as one. This is the more typical sequence, lead by consciousness/ masculine that I talk of.
b) a GC process evolving into Refined Unity with a taste of Brahman, followed by the Divine Union of Unity (m & f again) that Andrew describes in the conversation. This path is dominated by devotion and refinement, the feminine.

A glorified version of the first is not the same as the second. Same underlying process but the sequence is a bit different due to the emphasis.

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  1. Shelley

    Hi David,
    Rishi is currently quarantining with me and we just watched you and Andrew. His comment, “Those guys are rewriting the Upanishads in modern language via Zoom” lol. And all done as matter-of-factly as if you were talking about lemons. We love watching you guys and look forward to your next session. Many thanks!

    1. Hi Shelley
      Yes, that’s part of the point of my work, bringing the understanding into a modern context and language so it can be more directly applied. And yes, it’s very much part of our lives. Part of our own process and that of the people we interact with.

      Our next session is scheduled for early December. We’ll be exploring the Brahman process and the challenge of putting that into words. 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. don salmon

    What a beautiful gift! Thank “you” both.

    Some reflections (having just watched the first half)

    It seems that over the course of your conversations there is a progressively more fluid “dance,” a deepening sense of ease. And I was particularly touched by the fluidity of movement between your two “languages” of post-realization stages, a kind of gentle flowing from one set of terms to another to the point where it becomes a unified language of sorts.

    This leads into the next reflection – David’s point about the shift of intellect from serving the ego to being an instrument of Self (not his words). It’s almost as though this easeful fluidity is exemplifying the beauty of concepts no longer being merely abstract pointers but mantric expressions of Divinity.

    Finally, Andrew made a comment about how the overemphasis on the “masculine’ aspect of realization can lead to rigidity, whereas overemphasis on the “feminine” to chaos,.

    This reminded me of Dr. Dan Siegel’s observation (in the ordinary, egoic context) that all human functioning can be seen as an interplay between chaos and rigidity (he has interpreted the whole DSM-V – the “bible” of mental illness, in terms of imbalances between these) with true integration between them being the mark of mental health. It would be interesting to see how on a much “higher” level this interplay of chaos and rigidity is reflected not only in stages of awakening but in the play of forces manifesting as the perceived universe. I suspect one day science will be transformed in a way that reflects this understanding.

    thank y’all again.

  3. Cynthia F Perez

    A heartfelt thanks to you and Andrew for these talks.
    It’s easy to see where you both come from and how they connect
    In a unified way.
    David, I also bought your book and find it an amazing tool of delightful discovery.
    I cannot wait till your next podcast together.
    Much love to you both

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