Our Fingerprints

Our Fingerprints

Fingerprint by Kevin Dooley
Fingerprint by Kevin Dooley

As above, so below. As within, so without. Such principles tell us the world around us expresses who we are within, collectively.

Over the ages, we have developed various techniques to read the patterns of the world to gain insight and perspective of our less conscious inner dynamics.

The cycles of time, for example, are seen in the planetary patterns around our home. Some read the bumps on the head for insight. Or the numbers of our life. Or the lines on our hands.

However, in the latter case, the lines on the hands change. What doesn’t change is our fingerprints. They’re formed in the 4th month of our gestation. Researchers and scientists have found correlations between fingerprint patterns and some medical conditions. This study is called Dermatoglyphs.

Vedic science has also studied our fingerprints and classified them into 108 types. The nadi leaf system uses this to group leaf readings by type based on the style of thumbprint. They also correlate this type with your birth time as they can find your bundle that way.

They then seek your leaf within those bundles, within your soul type. A couple of leaves before mine described many quite similar features in others lives. This surprised me.

About a decade ago, a friend brought Richard Unger, a prominent researcher and fingerprint reader to town. It surprised me how much information he could draw from looking at my fingertips and hands.

There are 4 basic fingerprint styles (whorl, loop, tented arch, & arch) along with a few variations. The pattern of these types across your fingertips marks your purpose (teacher, leader, artist, etc.) and primary life lesson.

Recently, I finally read Richard’s book Life Prints. It reviews his system and how to read your own prints. It was fascinating to get the background but I’d have to say his personal reading brought out nuances and a more integrated perspective. You can find your purpose and lesson in the book though.

I found the system an interesting overview that was quite accurate, although I’d have to say a good jyotish or nadi leaf reading provides a great deal more background and trends.

Richard describes it as helping people live a life on purpose. At the time of my reading, it clarified I was on the right path even though it had arisen spontaneously and without planning (how life works).

Richard formed the International Institute of Hand Analysis in the ’80’s to support research and training, if you’re interested in more.

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  1. Hanneh

    When you say “A couple of leaves before mine described many quite similar features in others lives. “ Did you mean prior lives of yours or did you mean similar features in lives lived through other people?

    1. Ah, thanks for asking to clarify, Hanneh. I meant other leaves described similar distinctive features of other peoples (souls) lives. This is the early part where they’re going through a series of Yes/No questions on each leaf to find your specific leaf. Yours is found when it’s all Yes’s. A couple of times, there was a lot of Yes’s before we hit a No. It was unexpected to consider there’s someone out there who’s not had a reading yet but who’s life has many similar features. Their experience of that would be distinct but…

      Past lives have a sense of continuity to them but are rarely similar in features. It’s like each life is a different school with a different major. Although occasionally, there are curious connections. A friends last life was as her own grandmother. 🙂

  2. K

    Thanks for the pointer to the Richard’s book. I was really surprised to see what my purpose was. I was in a different head space than what the book said though it does make sense in retrospect. One thing I realized at a deeper level with these finger prints and also to some extent nadi is that no one (including myself :-)) is special and unique and also each one of us is special and unique. In a way, life is unfolding for each of us. The lines on my right hand changed over time and my right hand palm lines are very different from my left. For example, the fate line changed quite a bit and even the sun line. I think it is a consequence of my typing style (I spend a bit of time on the keyboard and never learned to type – so I just type inefficiently).

    1. Hi K
      Yes, it may be just a reframing but I did find the perspective useful.
      We’re all unique and yet we’re all part of one whole, non-separate. Our uniqueness isn’t due to our distinctions but our role. We’re like one of the cells in our body.

      (laughs) Yep, I’m a 2-fingered typist myself.

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