The Depths of Action

The Depths of Action

Resolution Catcher by Giulia Forsythe
Resolution Catcher by Giulia Forsythe

Action: why is it unfathomable? Partly the complexity of all the interconnected threads of interrelated doings. What we each do affects many others in vast ways we’re usually unaware of.

For example, we buy a product, which leads others to buy the same product, which leads to another order of the product, which leads to someone getting work making the product, which leads to raw materials orders, and so forth. Each of these steps also has their own effects too, like each persons own experience of the product (as you see in reviews), the workers experience of their job and how that affects their self-sense, the truckers driving the products around, and on and on.

In the dynamics of consciousness, the content of observation is the most obvious, what we experience. This is the product we bought and the experience of buying it.

Through a meditation practice, we discover the observer aspect of consciousness, who we are beneath the mind and the content of experience.

When we’re ego-identified, assume we are the doers. The ego claims our actions as “mine”. But as we shift into the witness or Self Realization, we discover “I am not the doer.” Like breathing and digestion, doing is simply happening. (The depth of this experience varies a lot, depending on contrast and depth.)

Later we discover that the content is also actually playing out in the same consciousness, the same Self. The content of the world is also in and of consciousness. When established, this is Unity stage, where subject and object are recognized as one.

As we deepen in refinement of perception, we discover that these experiences result from the interaction of the devata, the intelligence aspect in the process of experience. They are the motive power and intention behind our world. They’re the most subtle aspect of the play of consciousness, but also most potent.

This is another reason the field of action is unfathomable. The intelligence that is driving it is not recognized by most of us. In fact, we typically experience the world as capricious and random.

We cannot underestimate the vastness of our creation. Action remains a highly ordered but very complex field. It all makes a lot more sense when the mechanics are recognized.

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  1. According to Newton’s third law, for every action force there is an equal and opposite reaction force. In the laws of karma each action has consequences, positive or negative.

    As you point out, however, “as we shift into the witness or Self Realization, we discover “I am not the doer.” Further, it is the devata which is acting, not the ego self. It is complicated to the rational mind. In suprarational consciousness it is so simple.

    1. Right, Ron. The key is in letting go of the attachment to the ego. When the ego is seen as the doer, we’re often out of sync with nature, creating dissonant karma/ consequences and resisting experienced we leave unfinished/ undigested. When we surrender being the doer, we resolve these tendencies and it much simplifies.

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