KXCR Interview

Blue featherMy conversation with Craig Holliday led to an interview with Larry Bloomfield on the Spiritual Unity Today show. They broadcast and live-stream this from KXCR Community Radio in Florence, OR.

I came into the interview expecting a conversation on spiritual bypassing. Instead, he wanted to talk about this person and how I got started spirituality. The conversation was broad and basic exploring meditation, East and West views of God, what I’m doing now, and what’s unfolding in the world.

I tried to avoid the usual terminology in addressing a general audience.

It closes with an extended music track.

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4 Responses to KXCR Interview

  1. scott says:

    Hi David,
    A pleasant impromptu interview. I liked your words of wisdom in the closing.

  2. Lynette says:

    I felt this interview especially towards the end is beneficial to me.

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