Levels of Simplicity

Levels of Simplicity

Simplicity by Scott Hudson
Simplicity by Scott Hudson

Recently, I saw a 2010 recording of Lorn Hoff called “Zero.” In it, he talked about levels of simplicity.

I enjoyed the approach, so am sharing the principle here.

3: Diversity, our usual waking state, 3D material reality.

2: Duality, a key feature of Self Realization (Cosmic Consciousness). There is an inner wakefulness with a separate outer world.

1: Oneness, Unity, when the world is also recognized to be the same Self, they unite into one wholeness.

0: Brahman. With the Brahman shift we go beyond even the subtle dualities of existence into Nothing, the simplest. It is Zero.

That then sets the stage for ParaBrahman, purest Divinity. From ultimate simplicity, Divinity can return to itself.

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  1. Lewis Oakwood

    David, I like that very much. Thank you. Reminds me of watching the breath, in and out, in and out, until it’s neither in or out and not even breathing. Gone, as though it never was.

    1. Hi Anne
      Lorn has talks he posts on-line and others he keeps for retreats. This was one of the latter. I believe it was originally a Sunday Calll though. This part was less than 5 minutes of the overall talk. Almost a passing reference. But I made note of the idea as it’s a nice perspective.

    1. Hi George
      It is indeed an adventure. But yes, your dog would be along for the ride, to the degree they’re able. 🙂
      It’s a group consciousness effect. As we rise, we lift the boats around us. Its very common in couples, for example, for one to wake and the other to soon follow.
      But it won’t happen how it may be expected. 🙂

  2. Jim

    Hi David, yes, I enjoy playing with numbers too. I agree that Brahman is zero. Brahman could also be said to be -2 (minus two), as it appreciates duality as accepted paradox, so the duality exists but it exists united within silence, or “below” the surface of zero. 🙂

  3. George Robinson

    The “0” level sounds very much like what Bernadette Roberts terms “direct living” in her book, The Path to No Self: “…once we have adjusted to the unitive state, the spiritual journey moves on to yet another more final ending.”

    I love Bernadette Roberts’ works — so far out of our tradition, yet completely trackable.

  4. Pete

    I just came across this Nisargadatta quote “One is the Absolute (No ‘I am’), two is consciousness (‘I am’), three is space (world).

    A little different wording but similar idea.

    1. Hi Pete
      Interesting. The post is more oriented to the stages, this to the levels. The sense of absolute existence or Isness or being is consciousness, but then it self-interacts and distinguishes self from itself which generates a subtle sense of space, etc.
      I relate to the stages of existing as Isness, Amness, I Am.
      And of course we have the distinction of “I” – I as the cosmic Self or Atman, and I as the personal self or ego. The sequence can apply to both.

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