Darkness vs Evil

Darkness by Goran Has

Darkness by Goran Has

First, it’s good to remember that the world is structured in layers. The more manifest or physical, the more inertia it has. Inertia has a quality of heaviness and darkness to it. Flow is reduced to a standing vibration.

That heaviness is required for physical structure and for it to be sustained in our experience. The key is balance. From a Yuga perspective (the cycles of time), an 80/20 rule holds – 80% light, 20% dark is in balance. You need enough dark for there to be form but not so much that the dark overshadows the light. We’re rising out of a period where dark was predominant and the light more hidden.

But darkness isn’t evil any more than night or space is evil. It’s simply dark. Some of our natural emotions are darker, like fear and grief. They have necessary parts to play, as the film ‘Inside Out‘ so beautifully illustrated. Those heavier, less pleasant emotions can help resolve incomplete experiences and bring us back to the light.

But dark can also lead to evil, which is acting against the light, creating harm.

Evil favours darkness to work in secret and because light weakens it. It likes to culture darker emotions because it feeds on that kind of energy. It favours fear, doubt, and delusion.

It’s easy to see where someone is coming from if we pay attention to the feel. When they speak, do we feel uplifted and inspired? Or angry and fearful? Do they share accomplishments or a litany of complaints and things to be fearful of?

Now, sometimes it is necessary to share our grief or to get people angry so they’re motivated to change. That’s where we look to the results. Is the result a relief or a positive change? Or fear our society is falling into the mud?

Harm is not just physical. It can also be emotional and mental. Innocuous things can create unintended harm because we acted from shadow rather than light, we acted against rather than for.

“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”
— Mother Teresa

Many classic religious stories are about the light overcoming evil. But all too often people consider darkness inherently evil and avoid it or seek to destroy it. This is resistance and does not lead to resolution. Instead, we want to make our light strong enough, then bring light to our shadows. That takes a willingness to go into our dark places. Not by destroying them but by bringing the light of attention. That will dissolve our shadows and complete the unresolved.

Often, it is our greatest challenges that lead to our life mission.

Many spiritual communities struggle with shadows. Everyone wants to stay in the light, leaving shadows unaddressed. Anything else is dismissed as ego or unstressing. And that means the shadows will rise up and cause trouble and divisions. Shadow work and healing have to be part of the process or we’re just bypassing. That will limit progress.

All that said, this assumes a duality. More expressed levels of the world have all sorts of polarities. But more deeply, there is no duality. All is inclusive. All is light. But not everywhere is like that and you can’t apply the reality of one level to another and not have some dissonance.

The complexity increases when we realize evil is also relative. People speak of “little white lies,” for example. Or they fudge the truth a little. The connection between truth, consequences, and happiness may not be obvious. And if harm results, was it so little?

Inversely, violence can sometimes be necessary to combat a greater harm.

The more we’re able to embody light, the less presence evil will have in our lives, aside from the karma that is unfolding. And the more the light, the greater a lighthouse we become for others.

The basics are simple. But the scenarios that arise can be very complex and nuanced. It can take discrimination to see the truth and not act out as so many are today. Be with the light. Feel into it. The light will find a way.

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14 Responses to Darkness vs Evil

  1. Aliyah says:

    Beautiful message, beautiful words. We must keep facing into our shadows, shining the light of love, everything there wants to come home, to dissolve into the wholeness that is everything and nothing. The ground of peace. This is our mission, to be the lighthouses. Each a unique expression of God.

  2. Annie says:

    Simply beautiful and direct. Flame on!

    • Davidya says:

      Flame on, Annie, with the light of truth to pierce the darkness, the light of love to soothe the rough edges, and the light of peace to bring joy.
      All the same light, coming through different layers. 🙂

  3. Tim Owens says:

    “Many classic religious stories are about the light overcoming evil.” “…violence can sometimes be necessary to combat a greater harm.” I am reminded that the Bhagavad Gita, arguably the most revered text of the Vedas, is a story about a civil war.

    • Davidya says:

      Right, TO. But closer to home, something like WWII. Nasty, but consider if the fascists had not been stood up to. Less justly, we also got involved in secondary politics like in the Middle East, a mess thats still trying to resolve.
      The Gita was also about a Yuga transition into a lower age. It was important to clear the darkness so the coming age started well. Otherwise it would have gotten worse rather than having an uplifted time.
      The dynamics now are a rising age but the similar opportunity for a higher age within that if we can clear the darkness enough. The outcome of current events will indicate if the many meditators and the awake are enough or theres a little more drama needed instead.

  4. Vandana Bakshi says:

    Thank you

  5. Ron Krumpos says:


    Very well written. As you say Darkness can refer to evil and suffering. Light would then be goodness and happiness.
    Darkness can also refer to ignorance as opposed to the light of knowledge. When you look at life through dark glasses of your self, through lenses clouded with your ego and individuality, you confuse the apparent with the real. You must remove those glasses to see this life as it is.
    Darkness can also refer to the unknown, which far exceeds the light of the known. Astrophysicists say that dark matter is 25%, and dark energy about 70%, of the critical density of this Universe. When they learn what they are they will no longer be dark.

    • Davidya says:

      Hi Ron
      Good point. Consciousness has an effulgence and also inherent intelligence. That can express as knowledge bringing light to a subject.
      Lack of understanding is ignorance, the darkness from lack of the above. In a similar way, lack of self knowledge and the ignorance of our true nature leads to suffering.
      There is also distortion of information serving to confuse. This is more like a fog to create delusion. It’s not just darkness.
      Yes, and the unknown hasn’t been lit by understanding or experience, so we’re in the dark.
      Agree on “dark matter”, etc. That’s not real science, having to explain the gaps in the equations with invisible substances. Gaps that are larger than the observer matter. 🙂

  6. Ron Krumpos says:

    “The rest – everything on Earth, everything ever observed with all of our instruments, all normal matter – adds up to less than 5% of the universe.” That is a quote from a fascinating article by NASA.

    • Davidya says:

      Yes, Ron. For the current formulae and model to work, over 95% of the universe is missing. Rather than revising the model, because it works well for modeling the physical, they’re adding on theoretical invisible matter and energy.
      The flaw is a materialist paradigm (and bias) getting in the way. Early scientists recognized an “ether” but this was later rejected as there was no physical devices that could measure it. Now, it’s academic poison to bring it back so they theorize “dark” substances because of clear pre-physical influences.

  7. Phil says:

    Hi David,

    I’m always reading, but like to let an article sit with me for awhile sometimes. It’s a beautiful piece, and sometimes when it appears we are affected by those darker elements of society, I found that sentence about the “lighthouse” to have really touched me of late. 🙂


    I think I might know somewhat the answer, relating to this post https://davidya.ca/2019/03/27/vulnerability/, but what is the most effective way to be with those darker members of society?


    For example, how is it best to be with psychopaths and bullies, if they are unavoidable in the first instance? So far I simply let any charge associated with such individuals resolve, and remain as open awareness in such company.


    However, such individuals prey on any sense of vulnerability, seeing kindness as weakness, and exploit it to their own ends, so vigilance is always required. This individual is the brother of a close friend, and he primarily causes problems for her, so I know him by this association. Of course, their karma is each their own, and I cannot take on her’s.


    However, in my own approach, as he is a physically dominant man, I would be unable to counter well with physical defence, if such a regrettable extreme situation arose. I trust that light however, and have let go to something as you describe here:


    “Counter-intuitively, if we’re open, we become transparent energetically and any attempt to control or attack us on that level just dissipates.”


    On another note, as I have been purifying a lot lately, have you come across issues relating to purification and insomnia? The more one can’t sleep, the more I open to the charge of fear/panic of not being able to sleep, but that seems like a big charge not resolving quickly, with more stuff keeping on arising.


    The more the desire for sleep, and the fear one can’t, the more one cannot sleep (laughs). It then becomes hard to move the attention from the tense charges and knots, towards distractive thought which may help with sleep.


    It’s only the odd sleepless night here and there, but was just wondering if too much purification can cause such issues. I listen to Craig Holliday’s youtube where he has addressed such issues, but he says just remain as open awareness in such instances, but that can invite more purification of disturbing energies, possibly not conducive to sleep.

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