The Nature of Our Times

The Nature of Our Times

sunsetI originally began this article as a longer piece for a university journal but ran out of time.

In the last few years, we’ve seen a major shift in world news. Perception has become truth and news stations debate “alternate facts.” Irrational positions seem to be the norm. Is society coming apart at the seams?

Turns out these are just symptoms of a collective purification and a preparation for what’s to come.

To understand the deeper movement that’s taking place, we need a little background.

Most people experience themselves as separate individuals. This is an effect of an inner construct called the ego. The ego develops in childhood so we can differentiate ourselves from mother and our environment. However, the ego has the tendency to claim experiences as “mine” and identify with that content. This means our sense of self comes from what we’re experiencing, not who we are behind that.

We may feel I exist and have a body and mind. Or I am a mind and have a body. Or that I am this body and mind. Or a similar variation.

Clearly, not everyone experiences who they are the same way.

If you add an effective meditation to your daily routine, you soon experience deeper, more universal values of yourself beyond the mind. At the deepest level, you touch in to a universal, boundless, and timeless awareness. We discover this consciousness is primary rather than an effect of our physiology. Our physiology does affect our experience of consciousness but our body and mind are vehicles for experiencing, not the source of experience.

This universal consciousness has seasons of expression, much like nature has seasons.

Many cultures the world over have mapped these cycles in the collective. The ancient Greeks called them Ages. In India they mapped the Yugas.

We’re in a rising cycle, brought on in part by the tens of millions of people who took up meditation and similar practices decades ago.

With so many people having regular experiences of pure consciousness, it enlivened it for everyone. Remember, this consciousness is universal.

With time in practice, we come to know this field of consciousness in more detail and discover everything is immersed in it, including ourselves. At some point, we shift from being a person experiencing consciousness to consciousness experiencing a person. Now we are universal consciousness having a mind, body, and sense of self. We know this shift as spiritual awakening.

About a decade ago, many more meditators began to have spiritual awakenings. Now, instead of experiencing consciousness here and there in meditation, they embody it full-time in daily life. Many thousands have shifted. This exponentially speeds up rising clarity and presence of consciousness for everyone.

One effect of rising clarity, both personally and collectively, is that those things inside us we’ve repressed or resisted are pushed to the surface to be experienced and resolved.

Most people carry various unresolved experiences like old grief, injury, or shock in their physiology. We can see them as incomplete or unresolved experiences. As consciousness rises, these rise up to be healed.

If we know some basic healing techniques, we can allow this emotion or pain to arise and resolve it with simple attention. But many people are disconnected from their emotions and have only learned to repress rather than heal. They don’t know the simple tools for letting this burden go. The old baggage shows up as unwanted disturbances, pain, and emotional drama. If people experience change as fearful, they may take extreme positions – very right or very left, for example.

Yet collective consciousness is inexorably rising. The pressure is increasing to resolve our junk. All boats are being lifted, ready or not.

This collective baggage is what is being acted out on the world stage by those who don’t understand what is unfolding.

This is why it’s important to understand what is taking place. If we try to resist growth or repress this rising tide, it will cause a lot of problems and suffering for us. Fear and division will increase before they’re relieved.

Yet if we recognize it as an expression of purification, don’t get so caught up in it, and learn how to cooperate with the healing and release, this process will become a great relief for us.

A new golden age is rising. Something unlike anything in western recorded history. We clearly have work to do. But if we can learn to cooperate with the process, we will rise smoothly and the clouds will lift. Our growth will be exponential.

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  1. Bill Sortino Fine Art

    Spot on Davidya! Many of us gave been discussing just this, particularly over the last year and more particularly just last night. So it was heart warming and not coincidental to wake up to your email. The last days of a painful relationship or any other hardship seem to be worst and with the Yuga period it is not any different. After coming out of 2000+ years of Kali and all that suffering, we seem to now be having a hangover with all the terrible memories from that period. But this will move back and forth for some time as those evolving become exponentially greater. Hopefully our Mother Earth can spare us her wrath until we can become more integrated into the greater collective.

    1. Hi Bill – yes a hangover is a good way to put it. Not thinking clearly yet.
      At some point, the clouds will lift enough that people will clue in. I’ve seen some say later this year the process will become more obvious. Others are suggesting in ’24. We’ll see. The collective is constantly shifting so there isn’t really a fixed point.

  2. Lynette

    Hi David, what you wrote here is what I was exactly thinking of “Yet collective consciousness is inexorably rising. The pressure is increasing to resolve our junk. All boats are being lifted, ready or not.
    This collective baggage is what is being acted out on the world stage by those who don’t understand what is unfolding.” However, what can I do to stay calm or be a solution? Knowing it is not helpful enough if one can not know how to act or be a solution. Any advise?

    1. Hi Lynette
      Important question. Knowing is helpful but doesn’t contribute to the change. It just reduces the drama a little.
      Essentially, you are a part of this collective. Whatever you do to raise ourself up, just as so many have before you, will also help the whole.
      Of course, practical actions remain valuable if you see a need you can do something about. But the core is in embodying your deeper nature.
      Thus, I recommend an effortless meditation so you’re regularly touching in to your deeper nature and developing peace within (where the collective is).
      Then, learning some supplementary tools for healing your emotional baggage that comes up. I talk about both in various articles here. Like:
      The solutions are surprisingly easy. But they take time to shift the momentum. That does happen much faster now though as the collective burden has been much reduced by those millions of meditators.
      The nice thing is that as you raise yourself up, your quality of life improves. And in the process, you’re helping raise everyone.

      1. Daniel

        Hey Davidya,
        i cant remember which post it was, but I read a comment by yours, where you said, that in an Golden Age, awakening will be a normal step in human development like puberty. Can you say more about this? 🙂
        all the best

        1. Hi Daniel
          Yes, in higher ages (which are the majority of the time), awakening is a natural part of growing up. Usually, the shift happens in the mid-to late 20s as the physiology fully matures and stabilizes. This is because of the number of people in the collective who are already awake.

          Others will experience life as-if awake due to that powerful collective they live in.

          Little in the way of practices are required to prepare. As such, over time, the number actually awake starts to slip and the age begins to descend. Practices must be restored. The Yoga Sutra was originally written for this purpose.

          I talk about the normal stages of human development here. You can see how they step up to the post-personal stages of enlightenment.

  3. K

    I am so happy to read this. Back in 2016, with the divisive US elections and vitriol in the public sphere, I was very disheartened. Everything seemed very accelerated and full of “negativeness”. But now i am getting a sense that it is all like thunderstorm disturbances in the atmosphere – it may be full of sound and fury but it is superficial and will expend itself and pass.

  4. I should add that a few recognized this process decades ago. The opportunity was there to make the transition but it wasn’t certain we’d pull it off. When enough people began touching in to their deeper nature, it made the transition inevitable. We passed the first big hurdle.
    The next issue became how smooth the transition. Thousands were trained in advanced techniques done in collective practice to help lift the collective.
    Some parts of the world have faltered on that front and are having a rougher time. Other places have sustained groups in various ways and are helping more.
    More recently, techniques have been brought out for the awake to help enliven Divinity in the world, something even more potent for the collective.
    Not to mention that every time someone becomes Self Realized, they roast their backlog and free up the devata needed for someone else to shift. 🙂
    So there’s a lot going on to help this process along. Not to mention the millions of meditators out there…

  5. Jim

    Yes, we must purify everything between surface life and Silence. Then we need to enrich Silence with Divinity. Everything else is passing away quickly, beyond the capability of any individual mind to comprehend.
    It is not the change from A to B that concerns us, as we have all sped up in alignment with computer tech. Multi-tasking is second nature. However, the change is from A to Infinity, in every point value of existence. This torches the volumes of our stories, leaving nothing but the night sky and the sun within to guide us on. 🙂
    Regarding current events from 2016 on in the USA, we are simply being exposed to a less restrained national consciousness, more rajas, giving birth to a more accurate picture of ourselves.
    Yes, it is ugly, though perfectly in tune with who we are as a country. To deny it and say we have been taken over by a minority is foolishness and fear. What we are seeing is the reality, which must be accepted and embraced in order to be overcome. The mirage is exposed. Thank God for that.

    1. K

      Jim – Would you say it is analogous to having one’s shadow side come into one’s awareness? I find this most difficult – to have some sub-optimal aspect of myself suddenly out in the open. But it is true – and can’t be healed unless looked at and acknowledged. Even today – something came up which needed to be looked at. Ugh. But it is me.

      1. Jim may also like to comment but just one note – it’s not you. It’s leftovers from your history, like cleaning out the attic. It is your responsibility but it’s not who you are any more than your prom dress is you. 🙂

        1. herwig

          Hi David, hi K, hi Jim,

          May I join in as an outsider with an outside view?
          I agree with David saying that, ultimately, it is not about us but only about about our dress.


          But this, David – in full respect – is on a very abstract level.

          Collective units or group behaviour and consciousness is not fundamentally different from the individual. As long as we are incorporated in a manifest structure we cannot just say goodbye to karma on the grounds that now we are awake and do not identify any more. On the manifest level we as persons, communities or nations will have to deal with what has been sown.

          Unlike most spiritual people I have always been a homo politicus, and I closely follow political events and coverage from different angles. And I find that since the beginning of the 2010s (definitely before 2016) The Maya calender was right. On an international level the shift began 2012/13 rather than 2016. The fierce return to radical nationalism versus globalism, ethnic quarrels and civil wars etc. started earlier outside North America than inside. There are several reasons for this. One of them is that the Anglo-Saxon countries have a geographically favourable position to defend their „splendid isolation“.

          I have observed internationally an increasing trend to outsource the inner problems by not only blaming already existing enemies but also by rapidly creating new ones. This happens within and without. As a (western) German, I well remember the relief we felt when the Berlin wall fell. It was also a symbol for what we used to call the iron curtain. Now we have created/are creating new walls. The eastern countries resist globalization because after regaining independence from Russia they want to enjoy their own cultural integrity instead of accepting foreign modernist ideas of a homogeneous international monoculture. So we blame them backward and authoritarian. This is the ideological iron curtain. The victims of the wars and policies on which our western wealth is founded take every chance to overcome borders and migrate to the north, thus reimporting the problems we had exported to them.

          It is hard to admit to oneself that the root of everything is inside and was not caused by some outside enemy. However, when the world becomes smaller it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that the enemy is as human as we are.
          But for the (individual or collective) ego desperately defending its existence it is far easier to define itself as a victim by demonizing others. While we are still enhancing arms race, simultaneously our societies are fragmenting more and more internally.

          We have a few people who are spiritually awake or awakening. This is a big step, indeed. But we are still far away from enlightened nations and/or governments. And even if we had them, a certain degree of „dress“, viz. individuality, regional, national etc. culture and integrity would still continue. This is what life is.

          And on the way from total war to the ultimate Unity it will be a tremendous progress to reimport to ourselves (or what we think to be ourselves) the enemies and devils we created and used to project on others – albeit a painful one. A necessary step in between.

          And my experience – yours may be different – shows that progress is not linear – at least not in a mathematical sense.
          This also applies to the collective. In the 1970s and 80s we had several campaigns with mass initiation, later large groups of yogic flyers, especially in areas of crisis.

          The results were quite unexpected! With visible and quite bewildering consequences until today.

          ‘God writes straight with crooked lines.“ Paul Claudel

          Sometimes very crocked. There is still a long way to go.

          I apologise for writing so much. It is a topic that goes to my heart.

          1. Hi Herwig
            I agree, we can’t just wave off the karma. But as I’ve mentioned, the spiritual process roasts mountains of it. Then we just have the sprouted seeds to unfold. That’s still not minor but much less.
            Just because there is karma does not mean we have to live through it again or act it out in some way. There are other ways to heal. Some of it will still show up in events simply because it was already unfolding.
            But when we’re not as caught in the drama, its much easier to clear. Even difficult stuff can show in less traumatic ways and be resolved quickly. I regularly see people clearing things that would previously have taken many difficult lifetimes, over in a few minutes. I cleared something a few days ago I wouldn’t have even been willing to face not so many years ago.
            There are also groups and the awake who are processing collective stuff and clearing environments in various ways.
            This is not to minimize anything. There are a lot of people still contributing and not dealing with their stuff. The journey will not be easier for them. In fact, the degree of change may be even more rough. That’s why the article.
            I broadly follow the news also. And I have a spiritual teacher who recommends it. Not as a “whats happening” in the world but whats happening in the collective. The collective is what amplifies this or that and sees it a certain way.
            I fully agree the process is not linear. There is a progression but it tends to build then burst out. And yes, there was a big shift around ’06-7 when a lot more people started waking up.
            (have you seen this article?
            The key to understand is that now is quite unlike what was before even if it seems similar on the surface or we’re regressing. It’s old baggage rising to the surface a usual but we’re in a purification part of the growth cycle. If there isn’t healthy release mechanisms in place, we vent on others or find new “enemies” to avoid looking at our own junk.
            So yes there are new walls going up but whats behind that has changed. Its not driven by fear but purification of fear (and of course, thats not clean – we can be afraid of fear, etc). That makes a big difference in the long term result.
            Of course, how people act out their experiences can still create consequences rather than healing. But the trend is very different now.
            It’s also important to understand that the vast majority of people awake have 0 public presence. They don’t talk about it, they just live it. I’m more aware of the awake because I have a public presence on-line and write about the process so I get contacts and questions.
            They are certainly still a minority but just consider it. If 1% of a population learns to mediate and that affects crime rate, hospital admissions, and accident rate, what is the effect of one person who is effectively transcending all the time? 1000x?
            That’s also an effect that grows as they clear further, deepen and expand.
            Oh yes, each area has its own laws of nature. That leads to unique expressions of culture, language, etc. This is akin to the very awake – they develop even freedom of the personality and become very distinct individuals, rooted in wholeness. Cultures are not destroyed, they’re restored.
            Yes, we have a long ways to go. And that will take time. But not as much time as it might seem. We’ll see.

            1. herwig

              Thanks for the elaborate answer and for the link. My association concerning the Maya calendar was purely intuitive. Quite in accordance with the article. Around 2012 something suddenly had changed in the atmosphere. I pay more attention to the tone, gestures or body language of politicians than to what they say or claim to represent.
              We agree on most points where we superficially seem to disagree. For a long time I have got used to a certain discrepancy between my inner perception, which I would describe as “irrationally optimistic”, and the speed of outer progress, which does not seem to live up to it.

              I have simply seen too many people give up, because they had been full of naive mechanistic expectations that were not fulfilled instantaneously.

              We had many situations when we were thinking the age of enlightenment was right around the next corner. And it wasn’t.
              In the first introductory lecture I heard about TM, an inner voice told me, all they were talking there was just a bait to lure me into something deeper that they did not even understand themselves.
              And that was right.

              Maharishi tricked me a thousand times. I remember him talking to a group of us in the academy on the phone. The connection was awfully bad. All we could understand was that he was terribly angry with us. Nobody understood why. But while he was speaking, I felt an overwhelming undercurrent of love coming from him. That was my last real-time contact.

              All these experiences helped me to endure. I am grateful for that. If something is important, it does not matter whether it takes a year to show up or a lifetime.

              Yes, the change will come soon. But I guess, it will be drastic. I have learnt to be careful with euphemisms. People need a reminder that heavens come and go (Vishvakarma, Indra, the brahmin boy and the procession of ants )

              And only cream cake all the time would be boring anyway, wouldn‘t it?

              Do you know, which countries I referred to as visited by Siddha groups? One of them was Iran. They had to leave because the revolution started.

              I can‘t name the date and place, but I remember Maharishi rhetorically asking how the dawn of the new age should be, smooth or dramatic.

              And after some musing about it, answered himself: Maybe a little dramatic, so that they will notice that we did it. Big words! “a little“ ??? – He was very fond of euphemisms (He also said something else, which I won’t quote here; you can find it on youtube).

              We should remain humble.

              Maybe it will take a while to clear up the mess of millennia.

              ¡Que será, será!

              1. I anticipate the shift will be easy for some, slower for others, and difficult for still others. Once thresholds are met, it will flower on each progressive level.
                I wrote an article on my other blog on thresholds. An example is the shift from horses to cars. In New York, it took less than 10 years. We’re on the threshold of some similar changes most don’t see yet in power and transportation. For example, solar is now cheaper than coal. Price drives a lot of change. Changes in more subtle values of the collective can happen similarly.
                And yes, we change within much more quickly than on the surface – both personally and collectively. This is why some can talk of a rising age now when it seems otherwise on the surface.
                I too gave up for awhile. Put the spiritual aside and focused on family and career. That was the nature of the time for me. But some do throw the baby out too.
                There is a cultural distinction I was not aware of back in the day. Westerners expect teachers to speak factually. Indians may speak more intentionally. They recognize the power of attention and speak accordingly. Even though that disappointed many, it also help bring it about. All that attention helped it flower.
                I don’t think it was an intention to trick but rather inspire, to motivate so movement would happen. In a curious way, that lack of support is what motivated this blog…
                It will take time to clean up the past. But we don’t have to wait for everything to be perfect. Just clear enough. Then perceptions will change, motivations with shift, and the world will lighten up in ways unimagined. (I can remember some of the last golden age. Life experience is very different.)

                1. Hi Michael
                  Broadly, Kali (iron) is the dark age we’re familiar with, Dwapara (bronze) is the energy age when people gather in big cities as now, Treta (silver) is when we have enlightened leadership and many monuments are built, and Sat (golden) is the longest age where we live most naturally. There is little archeological evidence of golden ages as a result. It’s usually viewed as a “primitive” time.
                  However, in Sat there are enough enlightened people that the collective is awake and most people experience themselves as if awake. Siddhis are common so there is little need for tech. The tech thats used is unimaginable today. People are larger and live much longer.
                  The form this will take coming up though will be a little different because of how it develops. Its also been said to last 10,000 years which is when the next descending cycle would normally start. In other words, it seems we’re in a much more rapid rise than usual. That seems to be a compensation for events during the descent.
                  The population will change a lot too. Many are here for the transition but when it completes, some will go elsewhere for their incarnations because the opportunities here will have changed.
                  Society didn’t function from written rules but from collective coherence. We lived as part of a whole. There were duties suitable to our disposition but they were not a burden. Nature was prolific and food easily available. We were physically decentralized, with lots of green. Small communities. Hard to describe details – mostly it’s the feel of it and how I specifically experienced it. 🙂

          2. Jim

            Hi Herwig, Thank you – I completely enjoyed your post as I too am a student of global change, and of the shifts in political, cultural, and economic attitudes.
            Your posts really speak to me because how many times in my long time meditating for “world peace”, did I recognize it was just a personal clearing instead?
            However, now with the knowledge and living of Brahman, we have a technology far more powerful than the TM mantras and/or the Patanjali sutras, and that is the concrete relationship with Divinity.
            I cannot emphasize strongly enough that this is the “magic bullet” realized from TM and Maharishi’s exhaustive descriptions of Brahman; Totality, unbounded awareness.
            Whereas David is completely correct about roasting the backlog of karma when we awaken to our universal and Infinite nature, the further relationship with Divinity is another quantum leap in effectiveness from the TM-Sidhis, which Maharishi likened to a rocket ship, in comparison to TM’s jet plane.
            I can’t think of an appropriate travel analogy with Brahman, except to say that it covers the non-linear aspect of global progress too, simply by enlivening Divinity wherever the attention roams. So very powerful. No false starts, no bs, the real deal. 🙂 Our desires literally become the desires of the Cosmos, in real time. Breathtaking. It is the difference between the actions of an individual radiating sattva, and a global army doing so. Quite a difference.

            1. Hi Jim
              How about greater than light speed? 🙂
              I completely agree. I just didn’t take it that far here. Add in more and more people living Divinity (a smaller number as yet) and subtle beings also waking up and potency amps way up.

              1. Jim

                LOL Yes! Greater than light speed! That perfectly explains the ability we have to outrun time and space now – the fulfillment of the oft cautioned against practice of “magical thinking”, by living unbounded awareness. Real magic – real magical thinking.
                I kept having an image of the 1977 Star Wars sequence where they push to hyper-space when I wrote that last paragraph, but I never thought of myself as the Millennium Falcon, though the name is appealing. 🙂

      2. Jim

        Hi K, Certainly more light inside and out is always a good thing – I hear about the shadow element and sure they must be resolved, though be keen to look for the layers beneath any attendant drama too, as these must be cleared also. And be easy with yourself, while remaining unflinching – kind of a paradox I know.
        Time will take its time no matter how much you want to hasten the process past the unpleasant bits, but know this, that all will be revealed. Just keep going. 🙂

    1. Hi Ron
      You’ll probably get to see some signs of it in this body. But yeah, the full deal will take some time.
      Worth noting though that the “collective” isn’t just those in physical bodies. Time is a way of experiencing reality so we can experience all the detail. But in another perspective, our entire history is here now. We can heal our past because we carry it now. Our future self is healing our past self now. Our ancestors live through our body. And so on.
      Death is just the end of a chapter. Then we step into another perspective and continue our journey s part of this wholeness.
      I can’t tell you how long this will take because time is like water. But these comments are not theoretical.

      1. Bojan

        Hi Davidya
        Some time ago i wrote to you how ambivalent i feel about the rising Golden age. I still feel this ambivalence. There is the intuition “telling” me it’s coming! And there is a lot of shadow issues coming on the surface to deal with, coupled with resistance to face it and let go. So certainly there are signs in my inner world that the change is gonna come. But the doubt is here as well.
        The first thing is, the Awakening didn’t happend yet.
        The other thing is suffering of many people and animals around the world. So much racism, homophobia, hatred and opression on various levels! It is happening today just like centuries and millennias ago. Maybe that is only on the surface but this is real for people who experience it. Also many people in the past said the Golden age will come, but it didn’t happen. So i am a little bit in doubt about it. I really hope some minor change will occur this year or 2024. Untill then, shadow work is priority for me and helping as much as i can to few people…
        Also i have a question about pets during the Golden age. Do people still have pets at that time and how the rising consciousness is affecting them. I have a cat and that’s why i am interested about pets.
        Do you have any comment about all this?
        Thank you

        1. Hi Bojan
          Yes, it’s nothing to believe in because the form it takes will not be anything in our previous experience. It’s also as yet in the future while our life is lived now. (past and future will join the now at some point (laughs))
          When we were young, some teachers spoke of a rising age to inspire us. If they said it would take 50 years, we probably would have walked away. 🙂
          And yet, they were not cheating us. The transition had already begun. And the certainty of the unfolding became clear in the 70’s. But changes in consciousness take a moment. Changes in the physical take years. So it takes time for the outer to catch up to the inner.
          Awakening is a curious thing. We wait for it as the solution and it is of great significance. But in the larger scheme of things, when is almost irrelevant. It happens when grace decides, when its best for the whole. And then we experience it as eternal, that we’ve always been that.
          Actually, the hatred etc today is not happening as it has historically. For one, global trends are almost all improving. Poverty, child mortality, war deaths, etc etc. (aside from regional issues) But the bigger thing thats different is that the world used to be acting out it’s stress, karma begetting karma. Now it’s acting out more from unsmooth purification. That can still lead to more karma but this is a symptom of rising consciousness.
          One of the tricks with purification is if it can find a way to complete, it will end. Circumstances will suddenly resolve or dramas stop. Stress doesn’t go away like that.
          On pets, the entire relationship with animals will change. When inner peace becomes common, non-violence will be embodied. When thats dominant in the collective, animals too will live in that. When everything is myself, that goes even deeper. Our connection with animals will be deeper and there will be more communication.

  6. Bill

    Thanks Davidya (and all the others). What a chorus of truth being conjoined here. I suspect that your initiation of this particular subject may be one that can continue ever deeper going forward. It is all so increasingly “logical” on the one hand the deeper we penetrate into the Yuga periods and parallel that with the collective of our time. As you point out, that collective includes far more than just those in three dimensional form. The guidance within the collective and their influence on the continued increases in awareness provide a beauty and expression of the love which motivates and supports the process. Being here now, with all that brings, including your work, is a blessing for us all!

    1. Hi Bill
      Yes, more and more unfolds in time. There is a kind of overall sense of it but the details are not known until its expressed into the details…
      And yes, the wholeness of it includes the works – all the cells in our body, all the bacteria we host, all the birds and animals, all the people, all those waiting to incarnate again, and all the beings on the many layers and worlds within.
      As humans, we’re designed to bring out the details. We’re less equipped to experience it all at once. But over time and with some expansive openings, we can come to know this from different angles.

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