Healing Mind, Healing Emotion

Healing Mind, Healing Emotion

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In a discussion on Healing Trauma, the subject of talk therapy came up. While I’m not a psychologist, I can see the value of related therapies in digesting difficult experiences. Being able to talk it out with someone accepting can be valuable. That may be all it takes.

However, if the issue has any depth, talking it out will only resolve it for the mind. If we don’t heal the deeper energetic source, that experience will come around again and shadow our life.

Similarly, if there is a need to keep talking about it, the source or driver hasn’t been resolved. If we don’t explore the emotional energy behind it, we can find ourselves avoiding by investing in a story and perhaps mental obsession. This may satisfy the mind and reinforce our ego sense but it doesn’t heal.

The mind doesn’t like to have an emotional tone without some explanation. Yet when we’re purifying, there may not be an obvious reason for an emotion coming up. It’s simply there. If you notice, mind will be inclined to make a story about it. The more you give the story attention, the more it will expand. Just recognize that this is the mind wanting things to be OK. Don’t take it seriously. It doesn’t point to the actual source. Instead, look to the emotions behind the story. This is what is driving the experience and seeking resolution.

The simple idea is that these emotions are incomplete experiences, unprocessed residues from the past. All we need to do is allow them to be experienced and they can complete. This often takes just a few seconds of real allowing.

Sometimes, there can be a boogeyman under the bed quality to them – a fear of the honest experience. The fear is because when we were young, we didn’t know how to deal with it. As adults, some emotions can be intense but are really not that bad. Nothing we haven’t handled before. Once we allow a few, it gets much easier. The fear of the experience was greater than the experience itself. Then we just need a willingness to feel.

If it’s an appropriate time, consider a rising experience to be an invitation to allow the emotions to be there. Because something wasn’t resolved in the past, we have often repeated the experience. It may have been reinforced or further suppressed. This leads to the experience of healing being like peeling layers of an onion.

See if you can feel what is “behind” the emotion. We may find an energetic charge or other layers of emotion to peel off.

Some people experience the origin of a trauma but this isn’t necessary to let it go. We just have to be with the feeling itself as it arises. Some of them will be ancient.

Once we process the experience, that burden is lifted, we free the energy we were using to suppress it, and the general tone of our life rises.

Every so often, a completion can be like taking a load off our back or shoulders along with a more visceral relief.

Remarkably, deep healing can relieve not just the present but our past as well. When we release a deep contraction, it may be in a more universal way, beyond the constraints of time. We can release back into past lives or ancestors. Certainly we’ll escape our future repeats.

I don’t recommend you look for stuff to heal. This takes you into a loop of constantly trying to fix yourself. It’s better to deal with things as they arise in life. It’s easier to heal when it’s time for the experience.

Just noticing here and there how we’re responding to day-to-day experiences is enough. The idea is improving quality of life, not fixing anything.

It takes time, patience, and practice to get to know how we contract or grasp at things and to develop effective release strategies. There can be a maze of stories and shadows protecting our contractions. But as we make progress, the complexity settles and life gets simpler.

As we move to greater surrender, we find true power is in our universal nature. Healing frees more and more of us to embody that.

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  1. George

    In a related way, reflecting on emotions from a higher perch can also be useful in letting go of hurt, pain, resentment, etc. Example: a couple divorces and the wife is awarded part of the husband’s retirement…for life. From a personal p.o.v., the husband may feel he’s been cheated or wronged, and that the ex is getting *his* money. A few steps higher up the perch, and what we can see is that the wife is getting *her* money due her by her karma, and that the husband is just the throughput device, by his karma. If he can come to recognize this, he may, in time, be able to release all the powerful negative emotions associated with the money. That release can be gargantumongus and really lift a load off for good.

    1. Hi George
      Right – simply exploring how we feel can help resolve the unresolved emotions. In our culture, we tend to be more repressed emotionally than mentally, although the first causes a lot of action in the second.

      Your example also relates to dharma. If the husband understands it’s his duty to share the assets related to the time they were together, there would be much less drama in a breakup. They were “ours” rather than “mine.” Some of these things have been enshrined into law because we’ve forgotten natural duty.

      But yes, some laws spun off old religeous tenets that assumed a single marriage, etc.

      Karma is also in play if there is entanglements that continue. Something wasn’t resolved energetically so it will play out in life events. It’s best if we can clean it up in the proceedings. Otherwise, the partnership is not resolved and will come back around again too. 🙂

    2. Ruby

      Quote: “when we release a deep contraction, it may be in a more universal way, beyond the constraints of time. We can release back into past lives or ancestors. ”

      What are the mechanics of releasing into “the past”. It is possible to reach back into the timeline and thus affect our present and futuer selves?

      1. Hi Ruby
        This has been the experience. Many of our contractions come out of prior lifetimes. There is a “thread” that connects the past response to the present. Our healing may mean resolving it in the present or in the past. When resolved, that thread breaks and the entire timeline dissipates. Mainly this just improves quality of life now but can affect future choices.
        see also: https://davidya.ca/2007/10/10/the-past/

        However, occasionally we can resolve something at a deeper level that has distorted the flow of time. When that is healed, it heals it across time. We could say the timeline then corrects. This can sometimes substantially affect everything that flowed from the deviation. For example, reduced violence leading to a longer life, new children, and everything that might flow from that.

        Note also that time is a perspective that depends on our relationship with the process of experience. When we change that, our experience of time changes. Past and future can disappear or merge in the present, for example. It’s not as fixed as it can seem.

  2. I’m glad the blog is back! As an energy healer that uses voice dialog with the ‘energies’ as well as with the inner child, I can see how you’ve learned that talk / mind healing is often not enough. I’ve found that energies such as deep-seated fear stays bound to chakras at a pure, sub-molecular level known as the etheric, and clearing it is much like working on a physical object in the physical plane. You have to guide the energies and clients into transforming it into its highest expression as it moves into a higher reality. People may say “it’s all in your mind” yet don’t understand that the mental body only holds the symbols and ‘pictures’ of reality, distorted as that can be; yet the emotional body is where the real charge is found; the amperage if you will. I’ve found that when you permanently create a space in the heart where the little inner child will feel safe and loved and the perpetrators (often parents) are forgiven through grace, even the unforgivable can be healed and a Divine Light that can been seen and directed on the inner can transform the energies. As you wrote, it can really affect past and future; in fact, I have come to see this present life as holographic, vibrating and connected with the living energy of all life-experiences, and have rarely needed to delve into ‘past’ (other) lives to heal, as this one we are living holds the key to all of it, right here and now. If the causal body can receive the complete understanding of the ‘lesson’ it is seeking, he samskara becomes resolved. These energetic healings are able to remove an incredibly large amount of work that kundalini shakti would otherwise have to purify, and I believe that schools to teach deep healing are going to be a big part of the advancement of humanity towards the Oneness that lies inside mankind, unrealized but waiting to flower. Love the blog!

    1. Hi Andrew

      Thanks. It didn’t go anywhere, but things were busy and articles didn’t get finished. 🙂

      Yes, well said. A great deal of healing can be done in the emotional body. This has a huge effect on our quality of life.
      However, I later came to find there are subtler structures that sustain issues through lifetimes. As we clear the emotional and mental noise, we get clear enough to go deeper still and clear those too.

      But yes, there is so much potential to flower. 🙂

      1. Thanks, David. I’d love to know how to locate what you’ve written on these subtle structures that sustain issues trans-lifetimes. If you’ve not, perhaps you could give a short description of them. In my understanding, though the physical, mental and emotional bodies die, the causal body or ‘soul’ remains and the samskaras stay attached to it, perhaps through shakti. I would be most appreciative of your understanding. Namaste’

        1. Hi Andrew
          I have quite a bit but it seems most of it has been in off-line correspondence. (laughs) I have an article coming up called In The Big Picture that talks about what falls away and what carries forward. Basically, the higher mind, intellect, causal, soul, and consciousness continue.

          The samskaras are attached to us through what might be called memory or an energy signature. This relates to what some call the akashic records.

          While the causal and intellect are clear of sludge, the intellect level (sacred geometry) has structures that do nor encourage smooth flow plus there are distorted casual templates. I’ve been exploring how samskaras and vasanas relate.

          You might be interested in exploring Dorothy Rowe’s Knowledge Base. It links to some related articles:
          It doesn’t include all of her latest but theres some good stuff in there.

  3. Guru

    Fear of experience is greater than experience … well said. Is being honest or forgiving a spiritual strength? From there you can be kind to emotions! Because we are not sure of depth of emotions, we may not be sure of dealing with them but we can not bypass them. Can you have unconditional love when emotions are still hidden or it happens when you are done with emotions? Vasanas are unconscious and then desire with volition and then emotions, maze, story,..so easy to be objective when you are not having emotions.

    1. Hi Guru
      Myself, I’d place things like honesty and forgiveness as emotional strength and maturity. They lead to healing which improves inner clarity and thus spiritual clarity. 🙂

      Feelings are infinite. We are capable of universal, infinite love when our heart is open, for example.

      Yes, unconditional love is possible when enough emotional baggage has been cleared and the crust on the heart removed. This isn’t about perfection, just enough.

      Many people have moments of unconditional love, such as in caring for a baby. The trick is in being able to sustain it.

      We can drive down the road when its raining heavily or there’s sand on it. But it’s harder if it’s buried in snow. 🙂

      We are never “done” with emotions. They are a rich part of life. There will always be high and low emotions to be experienced and digested. But if our backlog is more cleared, emotions become a joy not a problem.

      (laughs) Actually, so easy for the mind to think it is objective if we’re repressing emotions. But repressed emotions create an agitated and clouded mind, so we lose clarity and objectivity. It’s when emotions are clear then mind can become clear. When the intellect can become associated with unchanging being, then objectivity can dawn. 🙂

  4. Lewis Oakwood

    Hi David,

    What if I am unaware of the past incomplete experience(s)/emotion(s). Are you saying that it isn’t always necessary to know?


    Can it be enough to simply allow the fear/uncertainty and then “feel what is “behind” the emotion?”


    What do you mean by— “Once we process the experience.”


    Thank, you.

    1. Hi Lewis
      It isn’t necessary to know the cause of an emotion to process it. Often, it’s something of a mixture. Mind will tend to want to have an explanation but if we can learn not to take that so seriously, it’s easier.

      You can’t process stuff you’re unaware of. As I mention, I don’t recommend a fishing expedition – unless you’re working to heal something causing troubles. Generally, just process what comes up, when we notice reactivity, and so forth. Just making the gradual shift to being more conscious of our inner dynamics can shift the process from piling it on to healing.

      First you feel the emotion – fear and uncertainty in your example – allow it to be there. If you can allow it, it will complete and subside. When that settles, see if there’s something behind or driving that.

      Uncertainty often has fear behind it. Anger too. As you get good at it, you can walk it back until it’s either peace or happiness. Then you know it’s fully resolved.

      “once we process” means once we allow the experience and it is digested.

      For example, we see someone kick a dog. Naturally, we’ll feel anger. But do we respond appropriately and complete the anger or do we carry it around for the rest of the day?

    2. Hi Lewis

      In a sense, they are. We could say they are all the flows of attention being experienced at different levels of being.

      Experience refers to all of it together. Thought is the flow of attention moving through the mind. Emotion is the same moving through the energy body. Feeling is moving through the heart. Memory is a past impression arising in the mind, etc.

      That flow of attention may be our “own” or it may be the attention of the devata, what i call the “process of experience” here.

      For example, bodily processes can sometimes trigger thoughts and emotions due to their inter-connectivity. Events in the world around us can trigger thoughts and memories. And so forth.

    3. To be clear, some emotions will come up (like the dog example above) and complete. That’s it.

      What we’re talking about here is healing old stuff that is showing up in the course of our life. Reactivity, emotions for no reason, resistance and so forth.

      Some of that is layered – the original incomplete experience, and then other incomplete experiences layered on top of it to resist experiencing it.

      For example, we witness a nasty accident and can’t process all the emotions at the time. Then we have job trouble and can’t get back to it. We may develop a story about accidents and suppress with another emotion. And then another emotion to suppress that.

      When we come back around to it, we’ll likely first process the last emotion on top, then what’s under that, then finally the remaining trauma from the accident.

      This is a lot of detail for understanding the process. Just keep in mind we’re not talking a mental process. This is less about understanding and more about allowing.

  5. I will work with this — “First you feel the emotion – fear and uncertainty in your example – allow it to be there. If you can allow it, it will complete and subside. When that settles, see if there’s something behind or driving that.”


    David, thank you so much for explaining all of this in such a clear manner. I find it fascinating and very helpful 🙂

  6. Deborah

    I have had the experience, this last 15 months, of periods of deep aware stillness, lasting 2 to 3 months. Then, something bubbles up from my emotional body and pulls me out to regular being….initially, this felt very disruptive and, I felt alot of resistance to losing the expansive state. However, I now feel deep trust and a knowing that something needs to be released….a belief, a pattern, …something needs to open from this contracted place. I decide to work with someone to help me, during these periods, as I feel quite stuck at times…..it’s so wonderful to be able to do this. It feels quite necessary.
    How does anyone do this alone?

    1. Beautiful, Deborah. If it takes months of silence to come up, you’re going very deep. Getting past the tendency to try to hold on or resist is a huge step, breaking eons of habit.

      Some people have very balanced laws of nature and deep clarity to avoid missteps. But such people are very rare. (laughs) Most people have spent lifetimes not having figured out these basic things and are not even conscious of being stuck.

      Later, it becomes more clear just how important a few simple understandings can change the course of our life and the trends of time. 🙂

  7. Deborah

    Yes, I know that place now, and,I felt truly plugged into the field….. however, I also know if I am not releasing my karmic stuff, and completely open , it’s just an escape….I am not ‘there’ yet. On track….slowly but surely.
    Things seem to be stabilizing.

  8. Jim

    Thank you. Yep everyone has to resolve their baggage, aka incarnation. 🙂 The process is a lot like sweating during exercise, except we are resolving karma instead of leaking water and salt.
    Also the process of transcendental meditation, into silence and back into activity, is the micro analogue of the entire soul reincarnation process. It is the perfect spiritual vehicle for rapidly moving through successive and progressive lifetimes, while continuously inhabiting the present human body.

    After awhile, we have the benefit of resolving all of the backlog, going back thousands of years, while continuing to enjoy, move forward, and become a true partner in fulfilling this God given existence for all. No muss, no fuss.

    But…you already knew that. Haha 🙂 All the Best, David!

      1. Jim

        🙂 Hi! Yes, from Paradise to the four corners of the three worlds. Whenever I do something surprising my wife calls me ‘the shaman in Brahman’ – lol
        Current interests besides doing yardwork:
        Macro — Working with the Celestial Host to purify the planet largely by cooling it off emotionally and increasing coherence. Also taking advantage of the slingshot effect of the coming Yuga and 10K year Age of Enlightenment.
        Micro — Working at the common strata of consciousness to effect alchemic changes, with a focus on healing my friends and loved ones with or without their knowledge. Sometimes harmlessly and lovingly, it is a surprise party. 🙂

          1. Jim

            “Do the three worlds have corners? :-)”
            Only conceptually, if you track east west north and south as directional lines around a sphere, they form four corners 180 degrees out when they meet up again, signifying unity and completion. Otherwise it is just the same old infinite combination of perspectives. 🙂
            Excellent! Yet, I would NEVER glorify what I do as “service” – Just as we all screw up sometimes despite our best intentions, this is simply the opposite phenomenon 🙂 as explained:
            Through lifetimes of spiritual dedication, purification, knowledge, observation, and reflection, we gradually box ourselves into an exquisite and total surrender to the Divine Mother.
            Once this process is complete, She embraces us warmly, hands over the keys to our localized Cosmos with a reminder to “call me if you need me”, and off we go, running our very own Cosmic illuminating, cleaning, and polishing franchise, open to all. (actually that DOES sound pretty service oriented, doesn’t it?…).
            We reach the pinnacle of human development; Master Janitors Of The Universe, As Blessed and Directly Employed By Our Divine Mother! 🙂 People have come up with other titles, but this one I feel from the bottom of my Heart, is most descriptive – lol

            1. Yeah, people forget that the X, Y, and Z (correctly “Zed” 🙂 ) axis are just a way of measuring space. Space isn’t inherently 3D. Buckminster Fuller measured space using 4D based on the Tetrahedron.
              Yes, service as actions that are an expression of that dedication and devotion. You describe that well. Running the washing machines in the universal laundry room. Chuga chuga chuga… 🙂
              This blog is a part of that. Observation, reflection, purification, with a little sharing thrown in…

              1. Jim

                “Yes, service as actions that are an expression of that dedication and devotion. You describe that well. Running the washing machines in the universal laundry room. Chuga chuga chuga…
                This blog is a part of that. Observation, reflection, purification, with a little sharing thrown in…”
                Yes, I think the whole “Celestial Janitorial” scheme is related to that ladder of evolution you and others have mentioned, where humans can only reach a certain level. Seriously. It certainly puts us on par with the abilities of our dear angels, and then some.
                There is certainly a caste system in all three worlds, and just as we had our first time on two legs once, so we go about now gaining our stripes of service in the Heavens.
                Not only can we be assured of ongoing promotions and bonuses due to service, it is also a job for Life!
                Yes, your blog was what I chiefly meant when I alluded to you initially knowing all this of which we currently write. 🙂

            2. Jim

              Additional indulgences, if I may David:
              Maharishi also referred to us as “Custodians” of Knowledge. As long as I get a name tag on my coveralls and a decent mop and broom, it’s all good.
              Thankfully as a result of the Yugas rotating upwards, shifting our dominant world guna to rajas, we are no longer cleaning up after the elephants of tamas, though the dogs’ remains can still be unpleasant. 🙂
              A description of living Brahman snuck into my earlier reply if just reading the capitalized words: “NEVER…DOES” lol

              1. Ah, the paradox of Brahman. The world was never created and yet here it is. There is no one to be doing service and no one else to service, and yet there it is.
                The coveralls I got had an old name tag but that’s fine. Answers to anything. 🙂

                1. Yes Lewis, in consciousness itself, it is discovered to be infinite and eternal and ever creating. It is self-knowing and self-referral.

                  Sounds a little dry and abstract but the experience itself is very rich…

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