Gathering the Means

Gathering the Means

by insyros

On the recent Action and Support post, I talked about Natures Support. Rick Archer reminded me of an old Vedic saying: the means gather around sattva.

Let’s discuss.

The means here is the ability to get things done effectively. The ability to solve problems and fulfill desires. While we all have levels of skills and abilities, if we don’t have support from the environment to get things done, we’ll struggle and thrash.

For example, no matter how great a runner you are, if nature turns the track into mud you won’t do well.

We also see this when people move into positions of influence, like being promoted or elected. Then they come under greater influence of the group consciousness. This may support them or dissipate their efforts depending on how synced they are with the collective. Also, what aspects of the collective are they in tune with? The deeper flows and higher nature? Or the baser nature?

The part we have to discriminate is what aspects of nature seems to support compromised or shadowed directions. Even if poor choices are supported, we’ll enjoy the consequences that flow from those actions. If the crowd turns into a mob and smashes windows, do you go with it or get out of there?

Nature can call others to embody issues so they become more conscious in the collective. Some people are born to stir things up. But that doesn’t make what they’re doing right for you. Creating issues that need resolution cause difficult consequences for you. Is the action resolving or contracting? If you have learned those lessons, you won’t get drawn into it. If you are being drawn in, can you see what in you is driving that?

This isn’t a call to over-think what is happening around us. Just to be more conscious when we reach points of decision.

As I explored over on The Means, our experiences take place through what “remains to be united,” those aspects of wholeness that are being purified and raised up. What we have resolved no longer creates karma.

Acting in life post-enlightenment becomes the means itself. When we’re acting in harmony, the very act of fulfilling desires and solving problems is the means to destroy ignorance. Karma, action, is driven to complete rather than continuously circling back on itself.

Coming back to the opening quote, sattva is purity or clarity. But how does clarity support means?

Sattva is a guna or quality, not a function. It doesn’t create or destroy but rather it allows the smooth flow of creation and destruction as they move through our life. It offers clarity for nature to flow through unimpeded. We become vessels for our higher nature.

Even though the causal field is where we see the play of the gunas clearly, they turn out not to be the drivers. I’ve called the gunas “forces” in the past as they can seem that way in the causal field. But when you see the deeper flows, you realize this is inaccurate. The gunas are the filters, the lens though which we experience and process the world. The qualities we give to flows as they move into expression.

By logical contrast, tamas guna is inertia. Inertia tries to keep things the same. Because it is stiff, it can impede smooth flow. Without flow, the ordering power of intelligence is reduced, entropy increases, and form disintegrates. Thus inertia by itself does not lead to stability.

The key is balance. We need tamas to give the world a stable platform to experience life. But we need enough clarity to sustain it in a healthier way. Rajas guna brings in the energy to support flow in form.

It is the flow of consciousness and the Divine that drives the world. Becoming a clear filter brings us the means to accomplish on a cosmic scale.

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    1. Hi Jeff
      Yes, that’s another way of wording it.

      The trick though is what is purity in a given situation. Certainly there are prescribed rules and laws, like sattvic foods and sattvic emotions, etc. But in practice it’s not so cut and dried.

      Thus we get into the topic of right action. We cannot know what is the perfect action in any circumstance so instead if we step out of the way and allow life to flow, we learn spontaneous purity of intent.

  1. Jm (the i is silent - lol)

    Thank you David. Yes, the gunas are also the symptoms of the Divine Mother’s Dharma, their slight biases directing the flow of the Yugas, one after the other.

    Yes, just as rajas mediates the flow of both tamas and sattva, the cosmic tendency is now towards sattva, for the first time in awhile. A very subtle change over the last 70 years or so.

    Once the power of the atom was discovered, the most immediate applications were first aimed at reaction and destruction. Then soon after, the semi-conductor was discovered, utilizing coherent electron flows through silicon to create electronic processors.

    What a tiny refinement, from atomic destruction to intelligent harnessing of the same force, changing the course of humankind. The tiny refinement is called Sattva, clarity, familiarity with both the subtlest of the subtle and the unfathomable reaches of akasha, and everything in between.

    Yes, once we are living purely as an instrument of the Divine, a child of Mother, then we can most effortlessly and powerfully work ceaselessly on behalf of our global family; our cup naturally runneth over, whatever that looks like and however it is expressed. Life changes from any grasping to giving and giving and giving, from an endless reservoir of assistance, compassion, loving attention, engagement, strength, dedication and Divine Bliss.

    Paradoxically this happens only after all has been surrendered, even dropping the body (while obviously retaining use, care, love, and feeding of the vehicle).

  2. Jean

    At some point in my life I wondered why I have so few responsibilities.
    But it dawned on me that this is perfect to make space for awakening to happen. I can’t count all these little incidents where it becomes obvious that there is an intelligent organizing principle behind every little movement in life. For example when I get called to look after a printer that is not working any more, as I arrive it magically starts working again. It all starts to feel very effortless in a way.

      1. Jean

        Yes exactly ๐Ÿ™‚ When I get asked what I did to make it work again, I can only say nothing and get funny looks ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s more of an getting out of the way thing and have trust.

  3. Tomek

    Hi David. Would you be able to comment about the relationship between the gunas and the more abstract “resonating spaces” or “templates” or “programs” at the causal level that you and Dorothy sometimes talk about? Thanks.

    1. Hi Tomek

      Sure. The first part is being clear what is structure and what is content. What is the TV and what is showing on the TV.
      The space is the container. Structure is then added to create form. Life flows through it into expression. Shared karma, cultural memes, adopted templates, etc can influence the structure on the causal level, distorting the expression. (I didn’t used to recognize it went this deep) Templates and programs Dorothy refers to are clean structures that can repair unhealthy distortions.
      For example, a family may have a meme that their men work themselves to death to support the family. They adopt that energetically and unconsciously. Individuals may accept it or resist it, but may still carry it forward to their children. But if we heal it in the causal, we heal it for the entire family.
      There are also shared causal contractions that can be processed once they become conscious. I’ve been working on a whopper in the collective this week.
      The gunas are causal-level qualities that define the nature of aspects of the dynamics. The quality of the watcher, the quality of the structure, and the quality of the content. Is there a drunk watching a horror show on a broken TV?
      Dorothy uses source to apply these things. This would be Rajas for transformation and Sattva for increasing clarity.

      Is this what you mean?

      1. Tomek

        I am perceiving vibrationally without so much detail, although there have been progressive refinement in recent years. I am trying to map what you and Dorothy are sharing onto my own experience. Typically I see “layers” of imbalances: stored deposits of particular emotions (e.g. fear) that empty up, looped onto themselves believes – centred around ideas of “I/me/mine” and kind of “pulsating” round and round, and underneath some way more abstract vibrations – sharper and of higher frequency – when these get “emptied” then sometimes global patterns smooth out and gradually fade out. There was much of such work and fading out at the scale of the family in recent years. But as I said, the visual component is not functional here (only some peripheral light sometimes), so I am not able to effectively map all this to specific structures. Within the available range and modality of perception it would just be something practical for me: to be able to identify specific structures and levels of work (e.g. astral, causal) more clearly. To make it more interesting for myself, since such work often takes up a lot of my time. Let me have a good look at what you’ve just wrote, now:) Thanks.

        1. Hi Tomek
          The detail takes time. I’ve been exploring this stuff for over 40 years. Dorothy and I compare notes here and there on various points because each of us notice and explore different details.
          Not to worry about the visuals – thats just a style of experience. The vibrations are more subtle and closer to source. Very well described.
          Yes, the mine-sense is the identification. And there can be associated stories and mental babble about them. And these things tend to be like containers or nested spaces. The big ones have layers – sometimes of masking, sometimes of subtlety, or both. Sometimes the center of the contraction can be extremely dense.
          The primary maps I’ve gotten from the tradition. I recognized my own experience there and adopted them. If I had built my own maps from scratch, I would probably have divided a few things a bit differently. But it’s more useful to use a standard than make millions of maps.
          Dorothy uses a slightly different map of the layers. I compare them on the article about her. Her’s is also based on a traditional map.
          Without some common reference points, we can’t share and compare notes. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Actually, no. Refinement is largely cumulative over lifetimes. That’s why you see people being born with refined perception.
      It’s basically just the physical, emotional and lower mind that dissipate after death. All the other layers continue forward. And it’s those subtler layers that count more than if you’ve had a perfect diet.
      And even then, the karmas of the bodies that do fade are stored more subtly, so they carry forward too. This is why healing is also very useful and cumulative.
      This lifetime is but a chapter but it’s chapter that will influence everything that follows. There is long-term consequences.

              1. Tomek

                Hi David, I moved the event forward and softened it:) So it’s still open and the date is flexible:) And perhaps you and Dorothy could help us look at this together:) Tomek
                (Oh, I just noticed this new feature with time-expiring edit; Beautiful piece of coding and so useful; Thank you!)

                1. Thanks, Tomek. The nice thing about WordPress is that it’s modular. People build code that adds functionality and others like myself can plug it in for added features. This one came about from a reader request.

    1. Hi Lewis
      Yes, you can trace the fathers line back thousands of years through the y-DNA and the mothers line similarly through mitochondrial DNA.

      However, it would be misleading to consider these “memories.” Memories are not stored in the physical but there are some physical structures used to access them. The physical is more like a radio receiver for memory.

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