The Means

The Means

The recent Surrender article brought out a key point which is worth amplifying.

Again, from the second to last sentence of the ancient Rig Veda: “By virtue of unitedness and by means of that which remains to be united, I perform action to generate wholeness of life.”

This is such a beautiful description of the process of living enlightenment. Keep in mind that from well-developed Unity, a person experiences themselves as cosmic, even on the level of the body. The cosmic includes all beings, including both the enlightened and those that remain to be so.

Unity is a process of experience and become, so it is through living and experiences that the process unfolds.

This is taking place on both the macro and micro scales. So there is macro action to bring enlightenment to more of oneself in apparent others. And this expresses in micro ways through the apparent physical body and mind in behaviours and such.

The actions may not be apparently contributing to enlightenment, but experienced cosmically may well be. For example, a person is simply walking down the street but the cosmic is cleaning the environment as it goes, the local environment actually also being cosmic.

It is through unitedness that presence can express in the world and catalyse others who are ripe. But it is through doing that the shift happens.

The dominant area of development can sometimes obscure other dynamics or values of being. Until a shift is well integrated, the sense of being divine or ego-less can overshadow our awareness of the existing humanness, still expressing itself. The person with preferences and habits remains, along with the laws of nature we came in with.

No matter how divine we feel, it’s always useful to be reminded that our presence here as humans was driven by vasanas, our past momentum of unresolved desires. While the mountains of karma are said to be roasted with a full awakening, the sprouted seeds are still unfolding as the life.

Also if we have conceptual tendencies that favour renunciate teachings, we may have cultured the habit of ignoring the person.

If you couple this with the tendency for remaining shadow to be more unconscious, it’s much more likely to come up and bite us. This is the way of karma seeking resolution.

We may now have the divine flowing through us more consciously but the momentum of the sprouted seeds remains. And the existing laws of nature still steer how the divine is expressed here, although they tend to be enhanced over time.

What changes the most with enlightenment is not our life but the context in which we see it. That gradually changes some of how we express life but it doesn’t change the means. This needs to be recognized.

It is through darkness that we bring the light (consciousness).

What remains – this form, its dissonance, and it’s laws are the means, what drives us forward, what helps enlighten the world. If we ignore the darkness or fail to see it’s role in the process, we leave a place unconscious that is not then part of the uniting.

And of course, this is about someone in developed Unity. Prior to Unity, the core identity is still functioning unconsciously. And there will tend to be more unconscious areas and less acting from the cosmic.

It’s all in the process.

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  1. Jim Flanegin

    Beautifully expressed – Living the cosmic life is as you say expressed through the fuller and fuller appreciatjon and discovery that occurs in everyday life, transforming the mundane into something quietly amazing.

    It is enough that we have become centered and clear, ever established in deepest silence. But the primordial silence wants to go outside and play! As it does, it is rewarded beyond measure; a very powerful synergy occurs between us and our environment, a very conscious and loving encouragement moving as quickly as thought, back and forth, continuing our discovery, expansion and integration, simply through daily life. Cosmic life.

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