Balance allows Transformation

Balance allows Transformation

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Life founds spiritual evolution on the cycle of growth: balance, dissolution, growth, integration, and return to balance. You can also see these as maintenance, destruction, creation, and a return to maintenance.

Transformation and reintegration are founded on the starting point. Growth builds on the prior balance.

Life moves in steps like this so the refined aspects of our being can be sustained. We’re able to integrate the changes progressively, even if they feel like a stretch sometimes. Dust may obscure things temporarily but the fine feelings remain intact.

Our various aspects can be at different points on the growth cycle. Yet balance is found at any point because the core is always in balance.

Another way we can frame this is as the balance between chaos and order.

Chaos helps bring dissolution to prepare the way for growth but too much chaos and things fall too out of balance. Entropy takes over and we lose balance.

Order helps sustain systems in balance but too much order makes things rigid. Entropy also then steps in. The key is a balance between them. This is true for all polarities, classically yin & yang.

We sustain and grow through the balance of stability and transformation.

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  1. Jim

    Hi David, That looks like a black olive pizza in the picture, instead of a cell membrane – I must be hungry…:-)

    Good points about balance, that it is dynamic, even gyroscopic in our ability to retain it, even in the face of the most vigorous activity. Leading to ever greater integration with our environment. Once our Dharma is established, we then naturally project and reflect balance, much as a cloud or a deer or a pond does.

    1. Hi Jim
      (laughs) Must be. It’s a metal plate with some “F”s on it.

      I’ve been going back and fixing the image formatting of some decade-old articles, messed up by the migration from free WP to hosted. I’m then reusing those images on recent articles as appropriate. Doing it together takes care of 2 things.

      Yes, once awake theres a point of balance always present. We can also learn to access that prior. But it’s much deeper after and progresses into all areas of life.

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