Nature Begins

Nature Begins

I’ve written before about the 7 koshas or sheathes. Each of these are progressively smaller and denser layers. They arise from the dynamics of consciousness and end up as ourselves and the apparent material world. Apparent because it has no reality in itself. It is the surface appearance of much deeper dynamics.

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Another perspective is that of Nature. We can see Nature as the “forces and processes that produce and control all the phenomena” of the world. We might see Nature as the sum of all the laws of nature. But it’s more true to see Nature as that which all those laws arise from.

Nature is on the feminine or Shakti side of expression. It is the power and intelligence we see in the world and the force of life itself.

Nature begins with pure Divinity.

Within Divinity arises consciousness. We could say Atman or Shiva is the observer, recognizing itself, and creating the space for creation to arise in. This is Paraprakriti or pre-nature arising in the dynamics of pure consciousness. We can also call Paraprakriti “creation” or Chittamaya kosha.

This subtle space of consciousness is sometimes called the “gap” or space between the absolute and the relative. However, from a more expansive view, the gap is a nested space within a larger field of consciousness. In the later Unity stage, absolute and relative are merged into a single continuum.

Prakriti or Nature itself begins to express with the devata and fundamental qualities, the gunas. This arises on the causal level, what some consider the starting point. We also know this as the bliss body or Anandamaya kosha. Our universe first arises here along with the chakras and the 5 elements.

Nature is the home of all the laws of nature or devas (light beings). It is also the field of name and form. When called forward through subtle intention, the devas rise up and use fine sounds to create modulations in the gunas. Their interactions give rise to subtle structure. As each element or level of increased density steps up, the next layer is painted on with fields, then form.

I’ll be exploring some of this in my talk at SAND18 this month.

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    1. Hi Clarice
      First thing is to be aware that nature is structured in layers, as noted.

      In other words, there are physical sounds, subtle sounds we hear from a little up and behind the physical ears, and so on down to the beginnings of sound in the bliss body.

      The first sound is called the primordial sound or pranava. While commonly referred to as Om, it’s more precisely Aum. (see article One True Sound) This may be heard like a voice, like a deep rumbling sound, as a subtle vibration in the body, and as a high pitched constant tone. Depends on how we’re hearing it. From there it differentiates into the myriad of vibrations that give rise to the forms and phenomena of the world.

      There are all sorts of other types of sounds someone might hear. You don’t mention what kind of fine sounds but perhaps this gives a bit of understanding.

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