The Experience – Follow-up

The Experience – Follow-up

The Experience article brought several questions up so I thought a little clarification was in order. I’ve touched on these subjects over time but a little specific context may help.

The first part is the nature of a Brahman perspective, from beyond Atman and consciousness. Because Atman is the container of creation, beyond it is nothing and nothing happening. But this is not the nothing of an absence. That’s a duality. Rather it is the nothing of pure, total potential.

When “I walk around” cosmic being moves attention through it’s musings, continuously purifying what is being experienced on all levels of creation.

Keep in mind this is not a description of what a me is doing. With the initial awakening, we shift from being a me to being cosmic, hence “Cosmic Consciousness“. Then, through the following stages, that cosmic nature in effect moves forward into all layers of experience until all is recognized to be that. This is true non-duality.

This includes the body. Hence, the body comes to be recognized not as individual but rather as the cosmic body experiencing through one point within itself. Nothing is happening but rather as “I walk around” cosmic being is moving attention through the appearance of a creation that was never created, with a cosmic body that is all bodies, discovering little nuances about itself and apparently unfolding itself further.

This may seem like high abstraction but when it’s the experience, it is perfectly normal. In fact, we don’t see anyone else being any different. Same cosmic body experiencing itself through other points within itself. English tends to be a little lacking on such fronts though.

There are a variety of ways we may come to this experience. But broadly, there may be experiences of past lives, then the sense of a continuum of lifetimes, then all past and future in the present moment. Then we recognize ourselves as all humans, then all beings in all time. The cosmic body contains all beings in all time and in all universes. We may come to this gradually or all at once.

Another process is through recognizing oneself as containing the universe, then the devata body (that manages all bodies in all universes), then the cosmic body, as mentioned on Mahavakyas.

When we first become aware of it, we may experience the cosmic body as an object, as something else. But as is typical of the Unity process, we then recognize we are it and become it, recognizing what we always were.

We may also come to recognize the source of the cosmic body in the divine.

And then we transcend Atman into Brahman and now observe the cosmic body appear to do and express in a world of non-doing.

The second half of the quote “continuously purifying what is being experienced on all levels of creation” is a typical experience of the cosmic body. Purification that we experience is occurring cosmically, not locally, so is inclusive. But it should be noted that how the laws of nature are expressing through this point varies, based on the embodiment required. In this case, it functions like a vacuum, purifying the environment of itself. I talked a little about that in The Second Stage, when this came on-line.

While I walk about in this life, I often have little attention on this process. Perhaps writing or eating is the focus and the cosmic takes care of itself. At other times, it’s more prominent for whatever reason. Same as with anyone.

It’s also worth noting that many people primarily experience only the surface of life. With the refinement of perception, the the koshas or layers become clear and the full range of life becomes available to us. It’s not just about physical and spirit but the whole gamut.

The way we experience this process is also somewhat dependent on our sense orientation. As I’ve noted here before and as is very apparent in my word choice, I’m visual and see this stuff. Others may be more hearing or feeling oriented and would thus describe the process somewhat differently. Same basic process though.

And yes, the field of action is still at play on it’s own level, so karma continues to unfold there. When it’s a little more conscious, we can resolve the energy without having to live it out. But life continues to unfold. And yet nothing ever happens.

Later in the article, I made reference to the “final unification“. In the transition from Unity to Brahman, there is a uniting with the divine. This is typically called God Realization where realization means recognizing we are that and uniting with it. In this case, it takes one of 2 forms, depending on the inclinations of the person. A full uniting with God or for a devotee, a slight division is maintained for devotion to flow. It could be called a “final unification” because it is the last unification of Unity. The consequence of this is to transcend Atman/ consciousness/ existence into Brahman. Hence it is also the end of the Unity stage, the end of Atman.

It’s very important to understand what’s taking place with this transition or only the loss may be recognized at first. This is somewhat akin to the loss of ego-centre with first awakening. The surrendering of Atman is not taught by very many teachers. Even to someone in Unity, it makes no sense. Atman seems eternal, the foundation of all existence. We see this even in how people describe reality. Most only talk about 5 the koshas, the bliss body being the most subtle. But there are 7, the last being Atman. Only when you go beyond Atman can this be recognized, just as “pure consciousness” makes little sense until you go beyond the mind and experience it yourself.

I’ll note that what I describe here is not special or super-human in any way. This is a normal part of human development but part of it has been lost for a time and is now being revived. An increasing number of people are experiencing such things, in turn making it progressively more alert and available for everyone.

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