The most potent things in life are very simple. Love, happiness, peace, sleep.

But the mind likes to grasp and control things. Simplicity confounds it.

Yet simplicity is a marker of universal principles. Karma or action would be a good example. The rules of action are very simple. For example, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The energy of nature is always seeking a balance of forces. Balance keeps the world sustained.

But in its expression, karma is complex beyond imagining. Unfathomable, as the Bhagavad Gita puts it.

Simplicity is also the hallmark of the most potent techniques. Effortless meditation, samyama, allowing, and releasing are all very simple. The biggest issue is usually the mind getting involved. This is why going beyond the mind into pure simplicity is so beneficial.

KISS – Keep it simple, smarty.


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  1. Simplicity has grabbed me and is pulling me in different directions than ever in this life. Apparently time for no house, no place fixed to live, no work, less possessions, following the lead of the universe rather than mind for a change.

    Noticing the relaxation of mind now that this has been accepted. Everything is happening and it’s clear that I’m not the one doing it. Relaxing, sweet. So much gratitude.

    Thanks for your posts David!

    1. Hi Sohlea
      Yes, I had a somewhat similar process after the shift. It rather depends on the nature of what remains entangled and how much of a movement or time out is needed.

      Congrats for moving into it smoothly. I struggled at first to keep the old working even though it no longer was. Still had family responsibilities then.

      Many I know have not had the old life fall away but sometimes there’s a higher dharma to express that is a bigger shift. Or perhaps its just a reframing. Easier to see in retrospect. 🙂

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