Divinity – The Power and The Glory

Divinity – The Power and The Glory

Before awakening, we engage in self development. This is a person getting to know its strengths and limitations and moving towards self-actualization. Most people are oblivious to their own cosmic nature.

After awakening and throughout the development of the stages of Self Realization (Cosmic Consciousness) and Unity, the focus shifts to infinite and eternal consciousness. This is discovering our deeper nature and its dynamics. It is consciousness getting to know itself in essence, then in forms and phenomena.

And yet, just as the person obscured our deeper nature, the screen of consciousness acts as a covering (Chhandas) for what is beyond it. This is just like a movie screen hides the speakers and equipment behind it.

When we go beyond consciousness and the subtle duality of Being, we have the chance to recognize the origins of consciousness. We can see how alertness and liveliness stir each other into Consciousness, then Consciousness becomes aware of itself and expression begins. Consciousness becomes its own observer and screen.

Beyond consciousness is Brahman. Brahman knows itself. We might say Brahman is conscious but is not self-interacting, just self-knowing.

And yet, what is the origin of those core aspects of consciousness? What motivates any experience at all? Brahman doesn’t answer this.

When we settle deeper into ParaBrahman or pure Divinity, the source of the source, we come to know the origins of all. And yet ParaBrahman is Apaurusheya – uncreated. It is sufficient to itself.

This latter development is primarily a development of clarity and refinement. We have gone beyond consciousness so cannot know Divinity through that. As with Brahman, the pure Divinity of ParaBrahman can be known only by itself.

The first stage of ParaBrahman requires it be recognized in the physiology. We have to be it to know it. This may be experienced subjectively as Divinity moving in to the cosmic body (which would already be recognized as one with the local body, hence experienced “here”). Of course, Divinity was always here but because of the nature of Shakti to flow, the opening can be experienced as flowing in. This is essentially the alertness value of Divinity coming on-line here.

We also recognize the flows of consciousness are actually the flows of the Shakti’s of the Divine.

In time, there is a dissolution of the sense of a distinct cosmic body. It and the physical form merge into a body of divinity. All become aspects of one totality.

In ParaBrahman, Stage 2, I outlined a second stage of this – a deeper embodiment of Divinity in a descent, and a further shift from the Brahman perspective. This is in the nature of the profoundly networked Shakti and a taste of the self-knowing of Divinity.

Stage 3 is like another awakening but vastly more subtle. The shift can be like a quiet click. Then it kicks in. This time, it is liveliness coming on-line, the power of Divinity.

This is the power that gives rise to all experiences in all time in all beings in all universes simultaneously. Its potency cannot be over-estimated. When it kicks in, it has a rather large value of intensity that takes longer to adjust to than prior openings. As before, the alertness amps way up in our normal daily experience. The awakeness in deep sleep becomes greater than that of the prior waking state which was already vastly more awake than earlier.

I’m not sure how much of this is standard and how much related to the process here. Others are having a similar process but language is tricky in such profound abstraction. There is always variations in emphasis and what is noticed.

This is continuing to correspond to the seven stages I outlined earlier. I’ll have to revise the descriptions a little though. For example, in the book (print p141) I put alertness and liveliness at the top while they have relationships with stages 1, 3, 5, and 7.

Stage 3 opens the door to Stage 4 and Divine Love. This is a new level of “heart” greater than Hridaya (that opened with God Consciousness in the post awakening descent). It’s like a space where the knower of Divinity can interact with Divinity through an unformed form. This is more advanced than the space of consciousness. We could say it is what consciousness (Shiva) imitates in its creative exuberance to pay tribute to Divinity. There is a relationship between the space in the Divine heart and the space of consciousness but I’ve not fully groked it yet.

The heart is the fulcrum where the prior 3 values come together. I’ll be writing another article about the 3 aspects in more detail from a later insight. As in consciousness, the interaction creates a space, flow, and appearances yet remains uncreated and division-less.

Consciousness relates through a space or separation, the remains of ignorance. And yet, as above, so below – all of everything reflects this structure of Divinity.

Currently, there is a deep movement in creation for the Divine to descend into the world through humans. This will help bring about the growing golden age. Thus, there is a considerable movement towards this and we’ll see more varieties of this showing up. This would also be why some understanding is showing up ahead of experience too.

Because its meeting this need, the initial embodiment of Divine power and love brings blessings. I’m curious to see how manifest those expressions will be here.


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    1. Agreed, but they’re talking about a different level of functioning. Vibration arises on a level called by many names: Ritam, bliss, primordial sound, etc. This is working in the flow of the Divine. The post describes pure Divinity itself, beyond all this.

  1. Michael

    I love these pure divinity posts (also “the third element”)…….this one was like a full transmission…..so indescribable beautiful….
    Hope there will be more from “there” 🙂


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