Entrenched Habits

Entrenched Habits

Some habits can be very difficult to change. Even if we successfully get around them for a time, they can rear their head again. They can be like a petulant child who always wants its way.

This is a flag of resistance and of karma. Because of its shadow nature, it is often hard for us to see, even if it’s obvious for others around us. We can call this a blind spot. This is especially true of fundamentals, like food, relationships, and money. This is because these habits can be started very early in life when our mental style was quite different. they were loaded like a default program with no access to settings.

But if instead of trying to “figure it out” or fight it, we take a step back and feel our way into the circumstance or resistance, we can hit nuggets. We may also call these triggers or buttons. This can be most effective if we’ve been triggered. But in the middle of a drama isn’t always the best time to stop and look. (laughs)

If we let them, such nuggets will come up as a small explosion or wave of emotion. It may feel like really old, stale feelings that have been bottled for a long time. But if we allow the process, the emotion will surge up then clear in a short while. For big ones, we may want to lie down and rest after.

As the mind doesn’t like to have emotions without a reason, it may jump in with blame or excuses. None of that has value in healing. Just allow it to make its noise and stay with the feeling.

The big stuff can take a few rounds over time but as we clear these repressions, we release not only the emotions that had been casting a shadow over our life, but we no longer need to use energy to keep a lid on it. Plus, the energy no longer drives the mind’s stories. Another load is cast off, stories dissolve, and energy is made available.

This is not just true for habits but anywhere we’re repressed or reactive. We can gradually lighten our load, clear our mind and emotions, and smooth our life.

The alternative is living the karma out in our lives, bringing events that confront our repressions and challenges that our bad habits sustain. We don’t always see the shadow enough to avoid this but can clean up quite a bit and avoid some of it walking back into our life.


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