Remaining Shadow

Remaining Shadow

As we move through the higher stages in consciousness, we notice more areas that require remedial clean-up.

The process of opening itself cleans out a good deal of the past and if we’ve been proactive with healing, a lot of baggage will have been shed. But there can still be various things to clean up. And once we shift to the cosmic, we have all the shared to work with too.

And yet, because of our own history and gifts, we’ll be more aware of and good at facilitating certain kinds of clean-up. We’ll be more aware and effective in some areas of the cosmic over others.

The qualities of the different chakras change markedly as we clean things up, from constrained to flowing. For example, the heart chakra typically has a dark, defensive crust that gets shattered and cleared. But there is also the higher octave Hridaya opening and the whole Fleur-de-Lis across the chest, usually post-awakening.

We can go from a deeply defended and repressed heart to an open flow, to unconditional love, to Divine love, and then live all that bodily. This is a greater than exponential scale.

And while the heart is a lovely example, the same is true for other centers. Each of them can bring beautiful benefits when they come more fully on-line. Profound rootedness, creative flow, power, and so forth.

This opening is beyond any limitations of personal energy as we embody the cosmic, then the divine.

Plus, each one of us is a unique expression of natural laws with skills and gifts that can be enhanced or come on-line through this process. The Yoga Sutra lists some of them but there are many other possibilities. In fact, the potential is limitless.


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  1. K

    Good to know :-). I have been cleaning and there is a lightness of spirit that comes online despite physical challenges. The cleaning is not by my choice or doing. It just decided to happen.

    1. Hi K
      In one sense, it has always been that way. Life arises to be experienced and what is unresolved arises to be resolved, all in the cycles of time.

      But as we change our relationship with that process, how we experience it changes too. And as we go deeper into who we are, there is that lightness that can simply allow life to be as it is and unfold further.

      That brings deeper being and increasing ease with life as it is. It gets better and better, even in the bumpy spots. 🙂

  2. Baz

    I heard this recently …wake up, clean up ,grow up …or something.
    I’ve abandoned the clean up lol. It’s not so funny really – there’s too much there to address each of “the person’s” issues one by one …besides nothing seems to resolve …they just come back! I’ve given up with seeking happiness – I don’t think that’s going to happen – but I can find Peace when I don’t bother with the person!
    As for chakras I never felt them or saw them…I am too disassociated from the body to get into it …all chakras, if any, feel above my head – which is weird!

    1. Hi Baz
      I wouldn’t abandon clean up. It can certainly seem endless but if you’re using techniques that support pure consciousness, those dips into being help roast the backlog. Then it’s only for us to handle the active stuff.

      With increased clarity, you can go deeper and deeper until we resolve the source. Then at last it’s done.

      It’s also worth noting that under the mind, emotions and intellect is a bliss body. By doing clean up and increasing clarity, that becomes present for us. It takes time, but it’s more than worth it.

      The chakras are not a necessary experience. But they also become apparent with clarity.

      Being disassociated from the body isn’t very healthy. It’s an aversion or avoidance approach that makes it difficult to integrate and embody spiritual openings.

      This is why I talk about basic stuff like good routine and rest and healing. It makes being in the body much easier.

  3. Baz

    I’ve been an adult for forty years. I’ve tried- I really have. But where “the person” is now seems totally out of “his” control. I see no point in bothering with it all. Why continue a strategy (“I must fix this”) when it’s failed for four decades?
    Cleaning stuff up? Maybe it will happen! …eating well and routine ? Maybe I will, maybe I won’t!

    The only focus that seems disciplined is my spiritual practice and that’s not discipline, goal setting or planning – it’s just a strong drive that consistently arises. Pursuant to that I have noted your remarks – as always 🙂

    Thank you for the reply. 🙂

    1. Hi Baz
      Yes, you raise some good points. I’m not suggesting trying to fix anything or seek out things to heal. It’s more when stuff comes up in life, see it in a way that helps resolve rather than perpetuate it.

      At various points on the journey, we can get a little stuck. Adyashanti and Kristin have both talked recently about getting a little caught in meaninglessness, for example. It’s best to see this as a transitional phase rather than “reality.”

      But if progress continues then all is well. 🙂

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