Cosmic Stress?

Cosmic Stress?

The Cosmic body is the body of all bodies, the one body, and functions within creation from outside our universe. It moves into our universe (which is a part of itself) through differentiation into all of the apparent distinct forms we describe as beings.

Unlike objects like stars and couches, beings express with chakras to bring the form to life. This form and energy structure are drawn into being and gather around a point of awareness in consciousness. (aware of itself globally and at every point within itself)

The first differentiation is the style of form – in our case humans. We can say there is just one “human” cosmically and we’re all variations on that theme or style. Some traditions speak in terms of the “first born” (Narayana) or “son” of God.

What I’ve found curious is the experience of stress and of healing in the cosmic body. Curious because there’s nothing in the cosmic to create or store stress. As I’ve mentioned prior, stress is carried in the mental, emotional and physical bodies. The intellect (body) can have a mistake of perception, distinguishing everything as separate. While this is a “mistake” it’s not exactly a “stress” or impurity. The bliss body is free of all that.

But all those apparently separate bodies are like waves of expression of the cosmic. They have no existence separate from it, just as waves are always part of the ocean. So those expressed bodies collect unresolved experiences aka stress or karma that is then part of the cosmic. Not as the cosmic but within it’s expression.

Locally, there is a progression in our relationship with stress. At first, it can be like a line carved in rock – deep trauma that is difficult to smooth. But over time, fewer life events are left unresolved and fewer make as deep an impact. It comes to be like a line in the sand, then in water. The more we recognize ourselves as the formless in flow, the less there is to hold an impression.

While stressors will continue to arise for the local person, these have increasingly less of an impact until they become like a line in the air. A brief fluttering and done. An anger surge, for example, is experienced and completed – done.

Thus, when a person on an awakening cycle clears much of their own baggage and becomes clear of dross, they gradually shift into processing the shared load. We become the form of all forms and we inherit the stress of the whole, of all beings.

Those who have spent time in large groups doing spiritual practice together may have had some experience of this. It can feel like you’re processing “other peoples” baggage in a kind of large washing machine, clearing the environment.

This usually gradual process of shifting from individual to cosmic may just feel like a continuum. There may not be a lot of subjective difference between processing “my baggage” and the baggage of the whole. It’s not like there was ever any distinction, really.

In other words, completing our own baggage is not the end of it because we’re not separate.

This is not seen as a bad thing. With Self Realization, we become the Self or consciousness of all beings. Our own growth and clarity becomes relative to the whole so there comes the desire to awaken all beings. We also gain a much greater potency of attention than the average person.

There are certainly billions of people spewing out their fear, anxiety, and other gnashing – all of which is adding to the group load. Yet the effect of a single samadhi can neutralize a great deal of that. An awakening is like dropping a purity bomb. Someone awake is effectively in samadhi all the time. They’re like a river, rinsing the world. Someone working from the cosmic is processing boatloads, simply by experiencing life. Here and there are people doing batch-processing as well. The numbers of these kinds of people are growing, causing the tide to turn.

At a certain point there will be enough people awake that the tide of group consciousness will shift towards clarity until most people are living as-if enlightened – even when they’re not. It doesn’t take the majority of people or even a significant minority. Just enough that are embodying the divine that it is alive right on the surface. Then even the physical world is awake.

The gnashing will fade from people’s experience and be replaced by warm fuzzies – what we might call enduring happiness for no reason. The shift will progressively accelerate and many will even forget what feeling depressed or remorseful is like.

This description may seem wildly abstract or even bizarre. Yet this process is already well underway and is accelerating.

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  1. Jim

    Thanks David for bringing this up. Yes, it is an important thing to recognize and to desire, this seamless and uplifting merge with the cosmic. In our heart of hearts this flame is kept alive, not as a fanciful dream but as a dedicated and growing reality. It has been too long that the really big dreams of humanity have been relegated to fanciful thinking, or thought impossibly idealistic, or simply naive. Now is a new time, simply because to wake up is to fully embrace what is already here, which many are doing. Viva la revolucion de la conciencia!

  2. Tim Owens

    I like the expression “happiness for no reason.” It is more and more my daily reality. It is very distinct from “I’m happy because…” Coupled with the ever-increasing silence in my consciousness, it is utterly delightful.

  3. Jim

    Personally being ready to sell pencils into Eternity – lol, this year has blossomed quite unexpectedly – A very wonderful expression of success! A well deserved break for all of those on the team…:-)

  4. In answer to an off-site question, it’s worth mentioning that processing group baggage in this context means healing it and resolving the seed. This ends the cycle.

    This is NOT the same as taking on others junk, like with an unskilled Empath merge or sloppy energy habits. In that case we’re inheriting some energy effects and processing those – we’re not going deeper into the seeds themselves.

    The second is not useful for anyone because it doesn’t stop the cycle and more is just produced to replace what we “took on”. Better to let them heal theirs and you heal yours and get skilled with empath gifts, etc.

    Then you can develop enough to heal on causal levels and be more helpful.

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