Kristin Kirk @ SAND17

Kristin Kirk @ SAND17

On SAND Stories, I mentioned running the camera for Kristin Kirk‘s talk there. It was called “Revolution Within: Emergence of the Universe Inside.” I quite enjoyed it so thought I’d share it here.

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      1. Amaryllis


        I’ve never heard anyone else speak quite like Kristin, but I’m very drawn to the expensiveness, and the potential…and I like that she also speaks about the challenges of being embodied human.

        1. Yes, she’s had a unique path that has been largely her own so she has a unique perspective and doesn’t always have language for the experience. But as the integration has unfolded and she’s been working on a book, she’s been developing language. I look forward to seeing this unfold further.

  1. Baz

    Nice – thanks for this.
    She said…”Living the paradox” . I love that! Common sense thinking with this stuff seems to get nowhere. In fact any alleged understanding seems to be the booby prize!

    “Take a look!” The often repeated suggestion by Joey Lott.
    …Versus thinking about what is *seen* or worse, just trying to think it through without looking!

    1. Hi Baz
      Well – common sense thinking can be useful. The issue is more in giving thinking too much weight. Mind will want to understand. That’s fine – that’s its nature. Just take it less seriously and it can allow for paradoxes.

      When we experience directly, we can live the paradox. Then it is only in trying to explain or describe it that it’s paradoxical.

      1. Baz

        Yes. “The mind will want to know”
        …becoming comfortable with not knowing has been part of my practice of late as I spent years vainly trying to figure out what I saw in a remarkable 15 minutes in 2012 !
        …staring blankly at the view without trying to understand what it was.
        …noticing when the mind wanted an answer to any little thing and becoming familiar with that feeling or type of experience. ( eg “what is that? some sort of bucket? Lol)

        This has made it easier to spot the “mind wanting to know” phenomenon!

        Thanks for the reply 🙂

        1. Yes, noticing the mind wants to know makes it easier to avoid getting caught by it. But it’s OK to let the mind continue doing that, just taking it less seriously.

          Allowing ourselves to not know is also valuable. Helps let go of the need to control. It also allows a deeper style of knowing to arise, a knowing by being.

          There are some things the mind can’t know as they are beyond it. But we can still know by being.

    1. Hi Jane
      We step down from consciousness into a physical body in stages, kind of like an open cone collapsing to a point.

      Individuality is a perspective but yes, the energy body helps structure and support the physical body, the mental body supports the energy body, and so on.

      I describe the layers as koshas if you want to search the topic.

      And yes, awake is a change in perspective, not a change in what is here. Or another way, a change in what we recognize to be here and who we are.

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