Will Everyone Become Enlightened?

Will Everyone Become Enlightened?

“Do you think it is possible for everyone to get enlightened in this life?..”

In a word, no. However, it is possible for everyone to experience life “as-if” enlightened, potentially in this life. To explain…

Some people’s lives are built for enlightenment. It’s their destiny and can be seen in a jyotish chart. They’ve done the preparation and awakening will naturally flower in life when the time (grace) comes. Some of those will also move quickly into higher stages.

Others come in with greater or lesser potential. Because of the nature of the times, more people with strong potential were born in the baby boom after the Second WW. They’ve helped raise group consciousness in the process of their own unfolding. Some have spent long periods in deep meditation, clearing group sludge. More recent births have sometimes been even more ready.

Don’t try to determine where you are in this spectrum. When you’re on the winding road of life, it’s hard to see past the next corner. The grace that is moving this process forward is arising beyond consciousness, beyond knowing by mind.

As consciousness rises, those with potential increase their opportunity to awaken. Effective understanding and techniques become more available. Some will run with that and some will walk away from it or face karmic hurdles that discourage them. There has to be that willingness to let go and face what is arising and resolve it. You can’t build a road over molten lava.

In the sense that major karma can bring a shadow, karma is at play in that willingness. But also human free will.

Gradually, we’re seeing both increasing numbers awakening and increasing numbers embodying surprisingly high stages that were rarely spoken of not so long ago. Both support still more shifts by still more people.

At a certain point, and I’m not sure how long this will take, group consciousness will rise high enough we’ll reach a tipping point and everyone will experience life as-if awake, even if they didn’t shift. Even if they had very little potential to shift. Group consciousness will pull everyone up.

To get there, a lot of things will need to become conscious so they can be resolved. We’re currently seeing a lot things that had been suppressed or ignored now coming to light. The news is full of revelations of abuse of all sorts. The key is recognizing this for what it is and not investing in it or amplifying it. Of course, egos will make it into a big story and drama.

With enough of this detritus cleared, it will allow the descent of the divine into the world.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this unfolds…


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  1. Lorey

    Yes, there is quite a flood arising to the lite to the point of being absurd.

    Without thinking, the response here has been hours upon days upon weeks of deep meditations similar to renunciation.

    Interesting. . .

  2. Baz

    Group consciousness and Grace. Nice!
    If someone feels they are waiting for Grace then they’ve found it! This blog is The Grace! I mean the blog is about awakening and there’s a ton of info here…it’s not a blog on fly fishing or cars….this is The Grace!
    …so I think “allowing” is a part of it and so is determination and perseverance in ones practice…but ironically to have those one needs to be touched by Grace also (?)
    Idk. It nevers seems to think through!

    1. Hi Baz
      Well – grace brings the right practice or information we need, even if we don’t recognize it. Consistency with the practice is valuable but you have to be a little careful you’re not forcing it. That’s not allowing. 🙂

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