For the Brave

For the Brave

The spiritual path is not for the faint of heart. It’s all about becoming more conscious. But this means everything – not just the Divine and the heavens but the suffering and darkness too. And everything in between.

Anywhere we’re not willing to look is a place we’re not accepting and is not conscious. It is thus a place of shadow.

For most people, the inside of their body is unseen, only occasionally felt, and largely unknown. And what of their emotional and mental bodies? Within that we’ll each have places of deeper shadow. It takes time to bring light to all of this.  There is no value in blaming yourself if you can’t go some places. This is completely normal and healthy. Healing is a process that takes skills and time.

As we notice a contraction or shadow, it marks a place we have yet to make conscious. If we touch a charge (emotional reactivity), we know there’s something wanting to resolve. If difficult people or circumstances show up in our life, it’s an invitation to resolve something within. The world is as you are.

Having the support of a good energy healer can be very useful. But as we become rooted in source and increase our own clarity, we can learn to self-heal. To allow those contractions and charges to arise in experience and be quickly processed by open awareness.

But it takes time to get to a place where we’re rooted in source and not swayed by our inner dramas. Without that, it’s easy to get sidetracked, lost, or discouraged when we step into shadow. It can be very challenging; there’s good reason we learned to avoid it.

Being conscious doesn’t mean dwelling on. It means being aware of. As we’re human beings with a human life, most of our attention should be right here in our humanity. Like tuning our car, healing is something we do as routine maintenance, not constantly. It also needs time to process and integrate.

The effort is more than worth it. The quality of life upgrade is immense. This isn’t about working to some future goal but being with what is here now, as it arises. At first, that can take great courage.

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